Electronic Submission Process

Applicants must submit Site Safety Plans (SSP) and coversheet electronically to the Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Plan Examination Unit via PDF email attachments. Drop-off and pick-up will no longer be necessary.

The email with attachments must be sent to cscplanexam@buildings.nyc.gov. Each application must be accompanied by a cover sheet and all of the necessary supporting documents. 

How to Submit Your Application 

  1. The application package must be submitted as a zipped PDF file. Attachments must not exceed 15 MBs.
  2. New application submissions must adhere to the following zip file naming convention: YYYY–MM–DD-Building Number-Street Name/Avenue-Job Number
    Example: 2014-08-10-280-Reade Street-123468789
    2014-08-10-280-New York Avenue-123468789
  3. The email subject line on new application submission must adhere to the following naming convention: Building Number-Street Name-Job Number
    Example: 280-Reade Street-123468789
    280-New York Avenue-123468789
  4. All applications must include a Digital Cover Sheet as a separate file attachment.
  5. Applications may be submitted as a Complete Site Safety Package or as a Phased Site Safety Package. A Complete Site Safety Package encompasses the entire project from Support of Excavation (SOE) through Superstructure while a Phased Site Safety Package divides the safety-related logistics review into four distinct portions of the project.

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