Site Safety Plan Submissions

Site Safety Plan Submissions: BIS Jobs

Submit Site Safety Plans for BIS jobs to the Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Plan Examination Unit by email to Each application must be accompanied by a cover sheet and all necessary supporting documents. 

How to Submit Your Application 

  1. Submit the application package as a zipped PDF file that does not exceed 15 MBs.
  2. Use the following naming convention for the zip file for new application submissions:

    YYYY–MM–DD-Building Number-Street Name/Avenue-Job Number
    Example: 2014-08-10-280-Reade Street-123468789


    2014-08-10-280-New York Avenue-123468789
  3. Use the following naming convention for the email subject line on new application submissions:

    Building Number-Street Name-Job Number
    Example: 280-Reade Street-123468789


    280-New York Avenue-123468789
  4. All applications must include a Digital Cover Sheet as a separate file attachment.
  5. Applications may be submitted as a Complete Site Safety Package or as a Phased Site Safety Package. A Complete Site Safety Package encompasses the entire project from Support of Excavation (SOE) through Superstructure while a Phased Site Safety Package divides the safety-related logistics review into four distinct portions of the project.

Site Safety Plan (SSP) Submission: DOB NOW Jobs

To submit a site safety request in DOB NOW: Build, go to the Job Filings Dashboard screen, click on +Requests, select Site Safety, and then select Site Safety Plans or Site Safety Waiver.

Site Safety Plans can be submitted in DOB NOW: Build before the job is approved. Once the job is submitted, the plan examiner will review the site safety criteria that includes the building height, stories, footprint, and additional considerations for alteration and demolition. A banner will appear on the filing and an email will be sent to the stakeholders on the job indicating that the site safety criteria has been approved and that the site safety plans can be submitted. In addition, a separate site safety plan request is no longer required for subsequent filings.

See the July 2022 Site Safety Updates and the DOB NOW: Build FAQs for more information

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