3D Site Safety Plans

The Department’s 3D Site Safety Plans Program uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to allow the construction industry to create and electronically file Site Safety Plans. The program enables the Department to virtually tour sites to view detailed step-by-step plans on how a building will be built, allowing examiners to visualize building complexities and challenges. 

Under the program, Site Safety Plans are digitally submitted, amended and reviewed. In turn, this improves the compliance review process and accelerates the approval process.

The benefits of 3D Site Safety Modeling include:

  • Increased Site Safety: Safety risks can be identified early in the process before issues arise in the field
  • Faster Approvals: Three-dimensional, real-time images enhance communication between field inspectors and office supervisors, helping them resolve issues immediately
  • Better Service and Fewer Office Visits: Site Safety Plans submitted through this program will be reviewed, modified and approved – all through the online document management website

Available Resources

  • Building Information Modeling Site Safety Submission Guidelines & Standards
  • NYC Buildings Revit Content
  • NYC Buildings AutoCAD Content

Location and Contact Information

NYC Department of Buildings

Attn: BIM Examiner

280 Broadway, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10007


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