The HUB launched to modernize and accelerate the approval process for submission of standard plan examination and professionally certified applications for construction projects throughout the City. Comprised of three components – the Development HUB, HUB Self-Service, HUB Full-Service – design professionals can electronically submit applications and construction plans to the Department, and DOB plan examiners and applicants can review plans virtually using online meeting software.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Faster Approvals. Enhance customer service for qualified design professionals by expediting the end-to-end approval process for professionally certified minor construction work.
  • Fewer Office Visits. Automated acceptance of jobs through this program will eliminate the need for borough visits prior to approval.
  • Reduction of Paper Submissions. All documents submitted to the Department through this program will be electronic, eliminating any paper submissions for these jobs prior to approval.

Application Processing

To use HUB services an eFiling account is needed. If you already have an eFiling account, you can use the email and password to access HUB components. If you need to register for an account, visit the eFiling page for instructions. eFiling was expanded to allow for processing of New Building, Alteration Type 1 and Alteration Type 2 with enlargement applications in HUB Full-Service and HUB Self-Service.

All job applications processed in the Buildings Information System are required to be submitted in eFiling except professional certification Builders Pavement Plan (BPP), full demolition (DM), landmarks with ‘C - Calendared marked properties, legalization, no work projects, subdivision and School Construction Authority applications. See the May 2020 Service Notice for details about exception filings.

The portal to Electronically Submit Documents (eSubmit) in eFiling allows for the submission of post approval amendments, corrections, certificate of occupancy/letter of completion folder review requests, withdrawal requests and required items for review by HUB and borough office staff.

Development HUB

The Development HUB handles major construction projects requesting standard plan examination. A consultation is required. Permits are issued at the borough office where the project is located.

To file with the Development HUB you must have an active eFiling account and you must meet the following qualifications:

  • your application must be a New Building (NB) or Alteration Type-1 (Alt1) job or include the installation of solar panels or a green roof
  • you must be a registered eFiling user; to register for an account, visit the eFiling Account page for instructions
  • your computer must have the following:
    • an internet connection (cable modem, DSL, etc.)
    • one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, OS X v10.5 or newer
    • a dual-core processor or better. 4 GB of RAM is recommended
    • one of the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or newer

NOTE: The eFiling system does not function with the Safari web browser. Please download Firefox for OSX in order to use eFiling

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 or newer
  • we also recommend that you have:
    • a large monitor with 1080p or better resolution
    • a web camera for video conferencing (a high definition camera is also recommended)

To file at the Development HUB complete a HUB Consultation Request to request an appointment to file your New Building (NB) or Alteration Type-1 (Alt1) project at the Development HUB.

NOTE: For Mac Users the request form may not function properly with your Safari web browser. In the interim, please download the free Mozilla Firefox web browser in order use this form and for more information on Mozilla Firefox for Macs.

Read the Development HUB User Guide.

HUB Self-Service

HUB Self-Service allows New York State Professional Engineers and Registered Architects to professionally certify plans for small construction projects (Alteration Type-2 and Type-3 ) without visiting a Department office. Through eFiling applicants can create online accounts, complete the necessary electronic forms, and upload the proper documents to receive approvals and obtain construction permits. Alteration Type-2 and Type-3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy, or egress.


  • Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)
  • Curb-cuts
  • Enlargements
  • Fire alarms
  • Jobs filed on Landmarks Preservation Commission calendared properties
  • Legalizations
  • Post Approval Amendments (PAA)
  • Subsequent filings


  • The Applicant of Record must be enrolled as a licensed professional in eFiling.
  • All documents and payments must be processed and the job must be submitted to the Department for review within sixty (60) days of entering HUB Self-Service.
  • Initial Permits must be processed online through HUB Self Service.
  • Payment is must be made online and by credit card or eCheck.
  • Application must be a Professionally Certified Alteration 2 or 3 (see exclusions above).

For additional requirements see the HUB Self-Service User Guide. Contact HUB Self-Service at

HUB Full-Service

HUB Full-Service is designed to give property owners and their representatives the option to electronically submit plans to the Department for minor construction projects. Filing representatives and design professionals will submit required documents electronically; collaborate with the Department through virtual plan reviews; and permits will be issued online. Through eFiling applicants can create an online account, complete the necessary electronic forms, and participate in a virtual plan review to receive a construction permit. Alteration Type-2 and Type-3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy or egress.


  • Fire Alarms
  • Subsequent filings

Mandatory Requirements

  • All documents and payments must be processed and the job must be submitted to the Department for review within sixty (60) days of entering Development HUB.
  • Payment is accepted online and by debit/credit card or eCheck
  • Upon entering HUB Full-Service the job must stay in program until submitted for review

For additional requirements see the HUB Full-Service User Guide. Contact HUB Full-Service at

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