Suspended Scaffold Tips

Suspended Scaffolds (also called hanging scaffolds) are work platforms that hang from overhead support structures on roofs or building setbacks. Suspended scaffolds must comply with the New York City Construction Codes.

All workers on suspended scaffolds must complete scaffold-specific training. In addition, a designated foreman, licensed sign hanger, or licensed rigger must be on site at all times to supervise scaffold operations.

Types of Suspended Scaffolds

There are three major types of suspended scaffolding:

  • Outrigger Beams
  • C-Hooks
  • Davit Structures

Using Outrigger Beams & C-Hooks

Applicants seeking to use outrigger beams must file a CD-5 application with the Cranes & Derricks Unit. Notification must be made to the Buildings Department prior to using outrigger beams or C-hooks. Drop-off CD5: Suspended Scaffold Applications in the box marked Scaffold Permit Drop-Off located in the Customer Service area on the 4th Floor of 280 Broadway.

Training Requirements and Certifications


  • Must complete a 16-hour training course by a Department-approved training provider and receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Must have a Certificate of Fitness, issued by the Licensed Rigger or Licensed Sign Hanger overseeing the scaffold operations


  • Rigger - must be licensed by the Department
  • Foreman - must complete a 32-hour training course by a Department-approved provider and receive a DOB-issued ID card

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