Permit Type & Job Status Codes

BIS Permit Types

Code Description Code Description
AL Alteration FP Fire Suppression
DM Demolition & Removal FS Fuel Storage
EQ Construction Equipment MH Mechanical/HVAC
CH Chute SD Stand pipe
FN Fence SP Sprinkler
SH Sidewalk Shed FO Foundation/Earthwork
SF Scaffold FO/EA Earthwork Only
OT Other-General Construction, Partitions, Marquees, BPP (Builder Pavement Plan), etc. NB New Building
EW Equipment Work PL Plumbing
BL Boiler SG Sign
FA Fire Alarm

FB Fuel Burning  

BIS Job Status Code

Code Code Online Description (not showing online)
A Pre-Filed Pre-Filing
B A/P Unpaid Application Processed - Part-No Payment
C A/P to D.E.A.R Application Processed - Payment Only
D A/P Entire Application Processed - Completed
E AP-NPE Application Processed - No Plan Exam
F Assigned To P/E Application Assigned To Plan Examiner
G PAA Fee Due PAA Fee Due
H P/E In Process Plan Exam - In Process
I Sign-Off Sign-Off (ARA)
J P/E Disapproved Plan Exam - Disapproved
K P/E Partial APRV Plan Exam - Partial Approval
L P/E PAA $ Pending P/E PAA - Pending Fee Estimation
M P/E PAA $ Resolvd P/E PAA - Fee Resolved
P Approved Plan Exam - Approved
Q Permit-Partial Permit Issued - Partial Job
R Permit-Entire Permit Issued - Entire Job/Work
U Completed Completed
X Signed-Off Signed-Off
3 Suspended Suspended

DOB NOW Permit Types

Code Description Code Description
AN Antenna PL Plumbing
BE Boiler Equipment PM Protection and Mechanical Methods
CC Curb Cut SD Standpipe
EA Earthwork SE Support of Excavation
EL Electrical SF Supported Scaffold
FN Construction Fence SG Sign
FO Foundation SH Sidewalk Shed
GC General Construction SP Sprinkler
GC-CX Combined (GC + others) ST Structural
LA Limited Alteration Applications (LAA) TA Temporary Place of Assembly
MS Mechanical Systems VT Elevator
PA Place of Assembly

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