Concrete Testing Requirements

Applicants cannot identify responsibility or certify completion for the concrete inspection and design mix items on the TR1. Applicants must complete two Technical Reports (TR2 and TR3 Forms) to identify information about the testing labs, the strength and mix of the concrete being used.

TR2: Concrete Pouring, Sampling and Compression Test Cylinders

Prior to permit, the Department requires a Concrete Test Cylinder Technical Report to identify responsibilities for inspections. File the TR2 to identify the lab that will be performing the concrete sampling and testing. This report is also required prior to sign off to certify completion of concrete pouring, sampling and compression test cylinders.

A Department-licensed Concrete Testing Lab must submit the TR2, and the lab must attach the trial mixture reports and/or the field experiment results before permit issuance.

The TR2 includes the following required sections:

  • Design Applicant Statement and signature in Identification of Responsibilities and Certification of Completion (required prior to permit and prior to sign-off);
  • Building Owner Statement and signature (required prior to permit); and
  • Concrete Producer's Statement and signature (required prior to sign-off).

TR3: Technical Report: Concrete Design Mix

Prior to permit on all jobs in which concrete will be used, the Department requires a Concrete Design Mix Technical Report. File the TR3 to identify the concrete mixes to be used on the job site. This must be done before permit issuance.

A Department-licensed Concrete Testing Lab must submit the TR3, and the lab must attach the trial mixture reports and/or the field experiment results.

The new TR3 includes the following additional required sections:

  • Design Applicant's statement and signature
  • Building Owner's statement and signature
  • Concrete Producer's statement and signature

*Note: The Department will only accept the10/09 version of the TR2 and TR3 Forms. When more than one concrete testing report is required, additional TR2 and TR3 Forms must be submitted.*


Filing fees for the TR2 and TR3 Forms are $130.00 per form per submission.

Applicants must pay a combined fee of $390.00 (includes fees for both forms and the three required submissions) at permit issuance. For fee deferred jobs, payment will be required prior to sign-off.

Concrete Retesting

If your concrete test results have been identified as questionable, you must have your concrete retested. Building owners are required to hire a licensed Professional Engineer to develop a site-specific retesting plan as outlined in Buildings Bulletin 2009-014 .

The Licensed Engineer overseeing the retesting by a Concrete Testing Laboratory, licensed by the Department, must submit a final assessment report to the Department.

*Note: A construction sign-off will not be provided until required retesting is completed.*

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