Acronym Glossary

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Work Type Acronyms

BL: Boiler
CC: Curb Cut
CH: Chute
DM: Demolition and Removal
EQ: Construction Equipment
EW: Equipment Work
FA: Fire Alarm
FB: Fuel Burning
FN: Fence
FP: Fire Suppression
FS: Fuel Storage
MH: Mechanical/HVAC
OT: Other
PL: Plumbing
SD: Standpipe
SF: Scaffold
SG: Sign
SP: Sprinkler

Permit Type Acronyms

AR: Architectural
EA: Earthwork
FO: Foundation
ME: Mechanical
NP: No Plans
PL: Plumbing
SH: Sidewalk Shed
ST: Structural
ZO: Zoning

Building Type Acronyms

NB: New Building
Alt1: Alteration Type 1
Alt2: Alteration Type 2
Alt3: Alteration Type 3

Professional Acronyms

PE: Professional Engineer
RA: Registered Architect
GC: General Contractor

Legal Acronyms

AC: Administrative Code
APPN: Administrative Policy and Procedure Notice
BC: Building Code
LL: Local Law
LPPN: Legal Policy and Procedures Notice
MDL: Multiple Dwelling Law
NYC RR: New York City Report Recommendations
NYS ECL: New York State Environmental Conservation Law
OPPN: Operations Policy and Procedure Notice
PPN: Policy and Procedure Notice
RCNY: Rules of the City of New York
RS: Reference Standard
TPPN: Technical Policy and Procedure Notice
ZR: Zoning Regulations

City & State Agency Acronyms

DDC: Department of Design & Construction
DEC: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
DOH: New York State Department of Health
DOT: New York City Department of Transportation
HPD: Housing Preservation and Development
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
LPC: New York City Landmark Preservation Commission
MOPD: Mayor Office for People with Disabilities
MTA: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
PDC: New York City Public Design Commission

OATH Summons Acronyms

AC or Ad Code: Administrative Code
AHV: After Hours Variance
ALT: Alteration
ARCI: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
BTW: Between
BSA: Board of Standards and Appeals
BPP: Builders Pavement Plan
BSO: Building Schedule of Occupancy
BB: Buildings Bulletin
BIN: Buildings Identification Number
COC: Certificate of Correction
CO: Certificate of Occupancy
CERT: Certification/Certificate/Certified
CP: Competent Person
CS: Construction Super
CAZ: Control Access Zone
CT: Cooling Tower
C/D or C&D: Crane and Derrick
DEMO: Demolition
DOB: Department of Buildings
DD: Design Drawings
DIST: District
DOC: Document
DLM: Door Lock Monitoring
EFF: Effective
EXP: Exposure
EXT: Exterior
FTC: Failure to Comply
FTM: Failure to Maintain
FSWO: Full Stop Work Order
GC: General Contractor
GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
HMO: Hoist Machine Operator
HRP: Homeowner Resolution Program
INSP: Inspection
ICO: Interim Certificate of Occupancy
JSO: Job Schedule of Occupancy
LNO: Letter of No Objection
LIC: License
LD: Lift Director
LAA: Limited Alteration Application
MISC: Miscellaneous
MDL: Multiple Dwelling Law
OCC: Occupancy
OATH: Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings
OAC: Outdoor Advertising Company
OAS: Outdoor Advertising Sign
OHP: Overhead Protection
PSWO: Partial Stop Work Order
PRMT: Permit
PAA: Post Approval Amendment
PA: Public Assembly
PIP: Public Information Panel
QEWI: Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector
RS: Reference Standard 
REM: Remedy
RPT: Report
RCA: Request for Corrective Action
REQ: Required
SCBFR: Safe Construction Bill of Rights
S/W: Sidewalk
SWS: Sidewalk Shed
SRO: Single Room Occupancy
SSC: Site Safety Coordinator
SSM: Site Safety Manager
SST: Site Safety Training
SZ: Size
SWO: Stop Work Order
SOE: Support of Excavation
TBL: Table
TR: Technical Report
TEMP: Temporary
TCO: Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
TPP: Tenant Protection Plan
W/: With
W/O: Without
WRK: Work
WWP: Work Without a Permit
WIE: Written in Error Failure to Maintain

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