Guidelines on Submitting Testimony

All letters should be addressed to the Board chair and clearly identify the application's calendar number, property address and scheduled hearing date.

Community Boards and Elected Officials

Community boards and elected officials should submit their testimony/recommendations to submit@bsa.nyc.gov. Community board recommendations should be completed on the "Community Board Recomendation Form"

Civic organizations and the general public

Letters and/or testimony from civic organizations and the general public, including neighboring property owners and tenants, should be both emailed to submit@bsa.nyc.gov and mailed to the Board office. The letters will be accepted from the time the application is filed until the public hearing for the application is closed. Contact the Board office at 212 386-0009 for assistance.

Applicants and opposing parties

If parties opposed to an application are organized under representation/counsel, a schedule for submissions by the applicant and a response by opposition is often established by the Board chair at the end of a public hearing, per the following:

In order to ensure a predictable and timely review of an application, submissions will not be accepted after the date established by the Chair.  Effective January 1, 2018, failure by the applicant  to submit a complete submission by the stated submission date will result in the automatic adjournment of that calendar item to a date to be determined by the Board.  Download the policy.  Any requests for adjustments to the schedule must be made prior to the submission date and sent in a letter via email to Carlo Costanza the Board’s Executive Director and the project manager. All scheduled submissions from all parties must be emailed to submit@bsa.nyc.gov.  In addition, within 24 hours of the emailed submission, one original and one copy of the submission must be delivered to and clocked in at the Board office. You can also submit comments about an application on our public comments page

Please note:

Any email to submit@bsa.nyc.gov must have the BSA calendar number, property address and scheduled hearing date in the subject title.
An appointment is required to make a submission at the Board office. Please contact the Board office at 212-386-0009 to schedule an appointment.
The Board Office is located at:

NYC Board of Standards and Appeals
22 Reade Street, Main Floor
New York, NY 10007