Board of Correction Reports

Adolescents and Young Adults in NYC Jails: Key Performance Indicators

In support of the NYC Department of Correction's work reforming policies and practices pertaining to youth in its custody, the Board of Correction has created a series of metrics to measure and evaluate compliance with the City's Minimum Standards for confinement and to track other conditions and policies that impact change toward safer and more humane jails for adolescents and young adults.

The Board of Correction selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in eleven critical areas of responsibility for the Department of Correction: mental health services; physical health services; hours locked in; personal visits; religious services; law library services; education and programming; recreation; restrictive and special management housing; discipline and due process; and violence and safety. The KPI report will be shared quarterly, beginning in November 2016.

It is the Board's hope that all parties will use this data to measure performance, diagnose problems, and improve accountability, policy, and practice. Ultimately, this quarterly report – and additional Board reports to come – will inspire data-driven decision making to improve the lives of people confined in the City's jails and the staff who work with these populations. Over time, the Board expects the report will serve as a model to measure the Department's performance and compliance on a broader scale.