Customer Register

Customer Register

Licensees, including micro-haulers, must submit a quarterly customer register that includes all customers located in New York City, in accordance with the Commission's rules and any relevant Commission directives. The submission periods are shown in the table below:

Submission PeriodDue Date
January 1 to March 31 April 30
April 1 to June 30 July 31
July 1 to September 30 October 31
October 1 to December 31 January 31

Beginning in the reporting period for the 3rd Quarter of 2020 (10/1/2020) and going forward, all CSV submissions of a Customer Register, or submission of an Exemption Notification, must be submitted throuh BIC's new Register Submission Module. This module is part of the BIC Online Portal on the BIC website; the same location where the Vehicle Management module is found. Instructions to access and utilize the Register Submission Module can be found here.

Paper and email submissions will no longer be accepted.

  • The customer register CSV template is available here.
  • You must submit and certify your customer register CSV file electronically in the Register Submission Module.

 If you have any questions regarding BIC-OP, please contact BIC's Information Technology Department.

    Notifications of an Exemption from the Customer Register Reporting Requirement

    You may notify the Commission if your business qualifies for an exemption from the customer register reporting requirements for this reporting period, i.e., if your business:

    (1) does not collect putrescible waste or recyclable materials from regular customers;

    (2) does not have any customers in New York City;

    (3) only collects construction and demolition debris; or

    (4) only performs on-call work.

    To file an exemption notification, you MUST log into the BIC Online Portal to submit an exemption notification through the new Register Submission Module. Should your exemption status change, you must file your customer register data with BIC during the following reporting period.