Due to COVID-19, BIC is limiting in-person appointments. Call (212) 437-0555 for further information.

As a regulatory and law enforcement agency, the Business Integrity Commission seeks to eliminate organized crime and other forms of corruption and criminality from the commercial waste hauling industry and the City’s public wholesale markets. 

BIC’s various goals include:
• Ensuring that our licensed and regulated businesses possess good character, honesty and integrity;
• Keeping marketplaces free from corruption;
• Providing an environment where customers and competing businesses receive fair treatment; and
• Regulating safety in the trade waste industry, particularly to improve safety on the City’s streets for all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, in alignment with the Vision Zero initiative.

File complaints online! If you have a complaint relating to the trade waste hauling industry or the public wholesale markets, file it online or by phone at (212) 437-0600.

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