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EarlyLearn NYC Finance Documents

Section 1: Fiscal Manual
Section 2: Audit Instructions
Section 3: Numbered Memorandums
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Section 1: Fiscal Manual

    Head Start Administrative Advisories

Section 2: Audit Instructions

Section 3: Numbered Memorandums

Number Subject Download
21. EarlyLearn: Head Start providers only. Head Start New Program Year and Sub-reporting Period to Begin February 1, 2016 Download
20. Uniform Guidance: Addresses general principles for Uniform Guidance, updated guidance on Use Costs, and mandatory training Download
19. Fiscal-Related Inventory Tool: Alerts EL providers to inventory tool to support fiscal-related policies and practices Download
18. HS New Program Year and Sub-Reporting Period Began 2/1/15: Reminds providers to close out reporting by 2/1/15 Download
17. Fiscal-Related Inventory Tool: Alerts HS providers to inventory tool to support fiscal-related policies and practices Download
16. Head Start Program Year 01 COLA: Alerts providers to increased funding and provides instructions on how it is to be utilized Download
15. Payee Information Portal (PIP): Encourages providers to utilize portal to view and download payment information and EFT stub data Download
14. EL Monthly Disbursement Report: Remittance Advice Descriptions : Alerts providers to new Excel file received monthly that provides remittance advice comprised of supporting schedules of most recent payment Download
13. ACS Financial Protocol: EL Assessment Tool: Alerts providers to tool used to rate financial health and calculate Vendex scores for FY 2015 Download
12. Cost Allocation Plans/Cost Allocating Plan: alerts providers to submit plans to budget analyst by April 4, 2014 Download
11. Revised Audit Requirement for Period Ending June 30, 2013: Alerts providers that financial statements should be based on allowable expenses through June 30, 2013 Download
10. EL Contract Audit Guidelines, FY 2013 Download
9. Failure to Obtain Insurance by November 1, 2013 Will Result In Site Closings Download
8. Weekly Parent Fees: Alerts providers that families receiving a Child Care Subsidy must pay fees Download
7. FY2013 Disbursement Request for Adjustments: Alerts providers that ACS will no longer accept requests for adjustments to estimated disbursements Download
6. Informational Forum for Insurance Coverage for EL Providers: same as above Download
5. Transfer of Insurance Coverage Responsibility for EL Providers: Alerts providers that CIP insurance plans will no longer be available effective 11/1/13 Download
4. Facility/Property Related Fundraising Policies for EL Contractors: Clarifies fundraising guidelines Download
3. Submission of Actual Monthly Expenses for October 2012 to February 2013: Informs providers to submit monthly expenses electronically to budget analysts Download
2. Closeout Expenses for FY 2013: Instructions for closeout from 7/1/12 to 9/30/12 Download
1. E-Rate Discounts for Head Start and Dual Programs: Informs providers of discounts for telecommunication services Download

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