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For Families

We are dedicated to building a system where all foster homes and family supports are LGBTQAI+-affirming.

If you are LGBTQAI+-affirming and thinking about fostering or adopting, you can make the difference in the life of an LGBTQAI+ young person.

  • Affirming families welcome all LGBTQAI+ young people and encourage them to be themselves in all parts of family life, treat all children with dignity and respect, and work to meet their children’s individual needs.
  • You do not need to identify as LGBTQAI+ yourself to be an affirming family for an LGBTQAI+ youth!
  • Learn How ACS Identifies Affirming Families
  • Call the ACS Parent Recruitment Hotline at (212) 676-9474, and express your interest or learn more here.
  • Sign the ACS Affirming Home Pledge, and bring it to your first foster parent training.

Support for Families with LGBTQAI+ Children

Your role as a caregiver has a major impact on your child’s well-being and ability to become a healthy, happy, and independent adult. Thanks to research conducted by the Family Acceptance Project, we know that families who openly accept and support their child’s LGBTQAI+ identity significantly reduce the risk of physical and mental health concerns, which improves their child’s well-being and opportunities to succeed.

For resources (groups, therapy etc.) to help you support your LGBTQAI+ child, visit the Resources page. If you have questions or want more info. Contact the ACS LGBTQAI+ unit of the Office of Equity Strategies: