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Mayor de Blasio, Parks Commissioner Silver, Council Member Levin, Borough President Adams, Assembly Member Lentol, Senator Squadron, Congress Member Maloney and Community Celebrate Completion of Bushwick Inlet Park Acquisition

December 17, 2016

NEW YORK–– Mayor de Blasio joined NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP, Council Member Steven Levin, Borough President Eric Adams, Assembly Member Joseph Lentol, Congress Members Carolyn Maloney and Nydia Velazquez, State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Malave Dilan, and Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park to celebrate the City’s acquisition of the final parcel of land in Bushwick Inlet Park. The $160-million purchase of the 11-acre former CitiStorage site allows the City to realize its vision for a complete, 25.4-acre park.

“Our administration keeps its promises. When we commit to build a new park or a new school in a growing community, we deliver,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Today we celebrate – and tomorrow, we look forward to working with all these dedicated local officials, activists and residents as we design and build a Bushwick Inlet Park we can all be proud of.”

The immediate next step for the park is to investigate what environmental remediation will be necessary at the CitiStorage site. This will help to determine a timeline for the development of the site.

The CitiStorage site is one of six parcels that make up Bushwick Inlet Park, the centerpiece of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront. Already, 3.5-acres of the park are complete and open to the public, featuring a multi-purpose field and a building for community activities with a state-of-the-art green roof which doubles as a seating area. This park incorporates natural and urban structures, bringing Greenpoint's waterfront and natural areas into the community around it. Visitors can admire the views or use the park's facilities for active recreation.

The remaining four parcels of land have all been purchased by the City, and are in varying stages of remediation and development.
"Great communities are built around great parks, which is why we are so excited by the acquisition of the final plot of Bushwick Inlet Park, one of Brooklyn's newest, growing public spaces,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver. “We look forward to working with our community partners to realize a vision for Bushwick Inlet Park that truly serves North Brooklyn."

“A completed Bushwick Inlet Park is the gift that will keep on giving. This is a present for our future, a healthier and happier future for the advocates and longtime residents who fought so hard for the open space equity they deserve. I am proud to be part of the winning coalition that made the acquisition of this final piece of the park a reality. Thank you Mayor de Blasio for showing that community-driven and community-focused movements can and do make a difference in our city,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

"This is a big deal," said Council Member Stephen Levin. "The community has been eagerly anticipating the final step on the path to a completed Bushwick Inlet Park for decades — now the wait is over. Thank you, Mayor de Blasio, Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, and your committed staff for making the Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities whole once again. The historic 160 million dollar deal to acquire the CitiStorage parcels will positively touch the lives of millions over the course of future generations. Your leadership throughout this process has set an example for future administrations. Beyond North Brooklyn, communities citywide, especially those undergoing the land use process, will know and appreciate what this precedent might mean for them — when the City makes a promise, it keeps it. I would also like to thank my North Brooklyn elected officials for their tireless dedication and support for this acquisition and the countless community residents who have tirelessly advocated for Bushwick Inlet Park, especially the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park and the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. Their steadfast support, undiminished for two decades, galvanized the community in anticipation of this historic agreement.”

“Through the ups and downs, I never doubted that the acquisition of the final parcel to complete Bushwick Inlet Park would happen,” said Assembly Member Joseph Lentol. “It was a group effort of persistence and community pressure. While the promise to build this park was made over a decade ago and the completion is a few years out, I know that Bushwick Inlet Park will be the shining star of the 2005 rezoning. I applaud both Norm Brodsky and Mayor Bill de Blasio for making this park a reality.”

"Mayor de Blasio is our hero – he is making sure that the City’s promise to our community is being kept. This community will finally get the full 28-acre park it was promised, and that’s a great reason for celebration. The community really stuck together in working to make sure that this part became a reality,” said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

“The acquisition of the final parcel of land in Bushwick Inlet Park is an important step forward for Brooklyn and all New Yorkers. It will mean more open space and greater outdoor options for working families throughout our community,” said Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez.

"Bushwick Inlet Park was a promise made, and now we are one big step closer to it being a promise kept," said State Senator Daniel Squadron. "For over a decade, this community has worked towards a full Bushwick Inlet Park, and this land purchase means we're on our way to a world class park on the Greenpoint and Williamsburg waterfront -- our Harbor Park, a Central Park for the center of our city. Thank you to Councilmember Levin, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, Mayor de Blasio, Assemblymember Lentol, the Parks Department, and my colleagues in government, as well as CB1, NAG, OSA, and the community members who made this possible."

“I don’t think we could have asked for a better way to close out the year and begin anew. Any open space is a welcomed addition in Brooklyn, but the dedication of advocates who fought long and hard to complete Bushwick Inlet Park has been inspiring. For me, this park will always be a monument to the passion and concerted effort of the community that made it a reality.  I commend you all, especially Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park. And thank Mayor de Blasio for seeing this through. You have truly given Brooklyn, and the entire city of New York, a lasting and wonderful gift,” said State Senator Martin Malavé Dilan.  

“The acquisition of the last 11 acres that will be Bushwick Inlet Park has been years in the making,” said Steve Chesler, Vice Chair Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park. “Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park applauds Mayor Bill de Blasio for following through on this important commitment to the people of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. This was a long process, but in the end, our elected officials and the city came through for the community. We look forward to working with the City, our elected officials and the community on the creation of a 27-acre waterfront park for the community.”

Adam Perlmutter, Board Chairman of Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn said, "The City’s acquisition of the CitiStorage property, in the face of pressure from private developers who sought to commercialize the land, is a watershed victory for both our neighborhood and our city. We are proud of the engaged community here in North Brooklyn that vigorously petitioned its government to make good on its promise. And we want to thank Mayor de Blasio for delivering! The City’s purchase of the CitiStorage site and the full 27-acre park it creates are indeed an important and necessary investment in the future of Brooklyn."

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