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Statements from Mayor Bill de Blasio, Corporation Counsel Zachary W. Carter and Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Nisha Agarwal on Supreme Court's Review of President Obama's Immigration Executive Action

December 4, 2015

Today, New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta led a coalition of more than 80 cities and counties across the country in filing an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to review the challenge to President Barack Obama’s immigration executive action. This is the third amicus brief the City of New York – as part of Cities United for Immigration Action – has led petitioning for a speedy judicial review of executive action for immigrants across the country.

See full amicus brief here and Cities United for Immigration Action press release here.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said:

“We are urging the Supreme Court to review this case so implementation of the President's executive actions can finally move forward, because the wheels of justice have been stuck in neutral for thousands of families for far too long. Cities are where immigrants live, and it is our residents, communities, and economies that will reap the benefits from these policies. Cities are united, and we will fight for immigration reform in the courtroom, in Congress, and in our communities. As this legal challenge continues, our voices will be heard.”

New York City Corporation Counsel Zachary W. Carter said:

“The welfare of all our residents is interconnected. Denying parents and children the important humanitarian relief offered by the executive action broadly impacts this city, destabilizing families, disrupting public education and interfering with workers and their employers. The Supreme Court should review the case now to prevent further delay in implementing relief for millions of undocumented parents and children with longstanding ties to this country and their home communities.”

Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Nisha Agarwal said:

“We call on the Supreme Court to take action to review this case, and more than 80 American cities stand alongside us in our call. Immigrant families across the nation cannot continue to wait for change. New York City is in support of the President’s executive action on immigration. We hope that the Supreme Court will soon decide, as the settled law of the land, that the President has the authority to enact executive actions and ensure that immigrant parents and children across the country are protected.”

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