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Statements From Mayor de Blasio and Healthcare Leaders on the Recommendation of Stanley Brezenoff as Interim President and CEO of Health + Hospitals

November 7, 2016

On November 7, 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that Stanley Brezenoff would be recommended to the Health + Hospitals Board of Directors for appointment as Interim President and CEO of the public healthcare system. Mr. Brezenoff served as H+H President under Mayor Koch, as well as President and CEO of Continuum Health Partners, a non-profit hospitals network. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Correction.

Statement from Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“Today’s vision for Health + Hospitals recognizes that in our changing healthcare landscape, we must work to ensure that the City is able to guarantee a high quality of care for all. I thank Dr. Raju not only for his service but for also making this his mission as he led H+H. Our public healthcare system will continue to put stable leadership in place as we make progress on our financial targets and define our modernization plan. Stanley Brezenoff’s vast experience in the public healthcare system will be a great asset.”

Statement from Dr. Ramanathan Raju:

“As I exit, Health + Hospitals will be under the leadership of Interim CEO Stanley Brezenoff, who previously served as Health + Hospitals President, and can provide the experienced leadership necessary to continue moving this essential health system into the future.”

Statement from Stanley Brezenoff, Chair of the Board of Correction:

“Dr. Raju's leadership has paved the way for the nation's largest public healthcare system to implement a bold transformation plan that will keep entire communities healthy. I'm committed to ensuring a smooth transition that supports the critical efforts to preserve Health + Hospitals’ essential safety-net mission and modernizing healthcare services for the 21st century. New Yorkers deserve high-quality affordable health care, and a transformed Health + Hospitals will be the cornerstone of a vibrant and equitable city.”

Statement from Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Herminia Palacio:

“I am delighted that Stan has agreed to serve as Interim President and CEO. His extraordinary experience in both the public and voluntary healthcare systems – in combination with his rich career at the highest levels of City government – make him an outstanding choice to keep the transformation moving full-steam ahead.”

Statement from Gordon J. Campbell, Acting Chair of the Board of Directors for Health + Hospitals:

“I want to commend Mayor de Blasio on recommending that Stanley Brezenoff serve as Interim President and CEO of Health + Hospitals. Given Stan’s extensive service in New York City government and health care, including his previous service as President and CEO of Health + Hospitals, the City will be well-served. Having known Stan for many years, I look forward to working with him on our ongoing efforts to transform Health + Hospitals.”

Statement from Martha King, Executive Director of the Board of Correction:

“Stan Brezenoff’s contributions to the Board of Correction have been instrumental in making the Board stronger and more effective. He will continue to serve as Chair of the Board of Correction until he transitions into his H+H role. We are deeply grateful for his leadership of the Board and that he will continue to serve our City while at Health and Hospitals.”


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