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De Blasio Administration Releases Mayor’s Management Report For Fiscal Year 2016

September 19, 2016

Decreases in emergency response times, murders, traffic fatalities

Increases in graduation rates, IDNYC cardholders, construction inspections, housing & preservation starts under Housing NY

NEW YORK—The de Blasio administration today released the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) for fiscal year 2016, an analysis of City agencies’ performance from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. In fiscal year 2016, 59% of indicators show improved or stable performance, compared to 57% in fiscal year 2015 and 56% in fiscal year 2014. For critical indicators, which are key measures of agency performance, 56% show improved or stable performance in fiscal year 2016, compared to 56% in fiscal year 2015 and 55% in fiscal year 2014. The MMR presents more than 2,000 metrics from City agencies, showing the City’s performance in providing services to New Yorkers.

“From increases in the number of IDNYC cards and graduation rates, to decreases in murders and emergency response times, we’re seeing improvements across the board in key areas,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This MMR highlights all of the hard work we’ve done to lift up all New Yorkers and make this city a stronger and more equitable place to live.”

“The MMR is a vital instrument of public accountability, transparency, and data-driven performance management, and we’re proud of its evolution under Mayor de Blasio’s leadership,” said Mindy Tarlow, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations. “From fundamental service delivery that New Yorkers count on every day, to innovative, multi-agency initiatives such as ThriveNYC, the MMR reflects the far-reaching work of City government.”

See full report here:

Key Improvements Include:

  • NYPD: Murder and non-negligent manslaughter decreased 2% (from 348 to 341); murder related to domestic violence decreased 13.1% (from 61 to 53); major felony crimes in schools decreased 13.4% (from 614 to 532); other criminal activities in schools decreased 2.9% (from 2,286 to 2,219); and burglary decreased 8.6% (from 15,828 to 14,463). End-to-end average response time decreased for all crimes in progress by 23 seconds (from 10:58 to 10:35); for critical crimes in progress by 20 seconds from (7:29 to 7:09); and for serious crimes in progress by 14 seconds (from 9:38 to 9:24)
  • FDNY: End-to-end combined response time to life-threatening medical emergencies by ambulance & fire units decreased by 1 second (from 8:18 to 8:17) and by ambulance units by 4 seconds (from 9:13 to 9:09); structural fires decreased 1.0%, (from 27,189 to 26,922).
  • DOT: Citywide traffic fatalities decreased 5.2% (from 249 to 236); traffic fatalities of motorists and passengers decreased 6.7% (from 90 to 84); lane miles resurfaced citywide, in-house plus contracted, is 1,281 – the largest number of lane miles resurfaced citywide in more than 25 years; Staten Island Ferry ridership increased from 21,911,000 to 23,067,000, a change of 5.3%; Citi Bike trips increased 39.6% (from 8,765,000 to 12,234,000); annual Select Bus Service ridership increased 27.8% (from 45,200,000 to 57,762,000).
  • DOE: The four-year graduation rate in School Year 2015 rose two percentage points to 70.5%; English results increased in each of the City’s 32 Community School Districts across all five boroughs; students in grades 3 to 8 meeting/exceeding standards in Math increased 1.2 percentage points (from 35.2% to 36.4%) and meeting/exceeding standards in English increased 7.6 percentage points (from 30.4% to 38%); students in grades 3 to 8 scoring below standards and progressing into a higher level in English increased 8.8 percentage points (from 29.5% to 38.3%); students in grades 3 to 8 progressing from below standards to meeting standards in English increased 6.2 percentage points (from 12.2% to 18.4%); parents attending parent-teacher conferences increased 3.8% (from 1,910,000 to 1,983,000).
  • DPR: Capital projects completed increased 15.5% (from 84 to 97); total recreation center attendance increased 25.0% (from 3,422,683 to 4,277,349).
  • DOHMH: New tuberculosis cases (CY preliminary) decreased 1.7% (from 585 to 575); new HIV diagnoses (CY preliminary) decreased 9.9% (from 2,718 to 2,449); childhood blood lead levels decreased 4.2% (from 818 to 784); and units of supportive housing available to persons with serious mental illness increased 5.3% (from 5.7 to 6.0).
  • ACS: Substantiated abuse and/or neglect reports for children in child care decreased 12.5 percentage points (from 27.6% to 15.1%).
  • HPD: Affordable units completed under Housing NY jumped 395% (from 2,079 to 10,292); affordable units completed jumped 82.1% (from 10,128 to 18,442); heat and hot water complaints reported fell10.3% (from 122,612 to 109,950).
  • NYCHA: Applicants placed through Section 8 vouchers increased 91.3% (from 892 to 1,706); resident job placements increased 30.1% from (1,084 to 1,410); time to resolve emergency service requests decreased 11.0% (from 14.7 to 13.1 hours);  turnaround days for vacant apartments decreased 14.0% (from 58.1 to 50.0).
  • DOC: Serious injury to staff as a result of inmate assault on staff decreased by 42.9%. Total inmate assault on staff decreased by 8.5%.
  • DHS: The percentage of households and people who returned to shelter within one year after exiting to permanent housing decreased by 6.5 percentage points for families with children (from 16.5% to 10%); by 5.5 percentage points for adult families (from 14.2% to 8.7%); and by 0.3 percentage points for single adults (from 3.6% to 3.2%).
  • DEP: Water main breaks decreased 29.8% (from 563 to 395).
  • EDC: Businesses served by industry-focused programmatic initiatives (including NYCEDC’s incubator network and centers for excellence, technology competitions, partnership funds and programmatic ventures) nearly doubled (from 1,366 to 2,722); average monthly ridership on the East River ferry increased 16.3% (from 113,366 to 131,896).
  • TLC: Active medallion taxis that are accessible increased 53.1% (from 572 to 876); Active Boro Taxis that are accessible increased 12.3% (from 1,240 to 1,393).
  • DSNY: Streets rated acceptably clean increased 2.3 percentage points (from 92.7% to 95.0%).
  • HRA: SNAP application timeliness rate increased 12.5 percentage points (from 81.4% to 93.9%); cash assistance application timeliness rate increased 3.1 percentage points (from 94.4% to 97.5%).
  • 311: Wait time for calls decreased 7 seconds, from 23 to 16 seconds.
  • IDNYC: total number of IDNYC cards issued increased 62.5% (from 334,794 to 544,083).

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