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Mayor Adams Stops Two Ghost Gun Retailers From Selling Ghost Gun Kits To NYC Residents

August 25, 2022

City Lawsuit Against Other Defendants Continues

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced that two online ghost gun retailers — Rainer Arms, LLC, based in North Auburn, Washington, and Rock Slide USA, based in Broadway, North Carolina — have stopped illegally selling and delivering gun components that are used to assemble illegal and untraceable firearms to New York City residents after the city filed a lawsuit against the two companies and three others in June 2022.

“Ghost guns are illegal in our city, and we will not allow gun sellers to turn New York City into a city of mail-order murder,” said Mayor Adams. “These untraceable weapons often end up in the hands of dangerous individuals, who use them to commit vicious and deadly crimes in our communities. That is why we announced our lawsuit in June against five online retailers selling ghost gun components into our city, in violation of city and state law. The settlements with Rainier Arms and Rock Slide USA will hold them accountable for flouting the law and endangering our communities, as the suit continues against the three other defendants. The NYPD and the Sheriff’s Office continue to work day and night to take illegal guns off of our streets. Nothing will bring back the victims of ghost guns — including young Angellyh Yambo — but by taking on the companies that sell unlawful ghost guns into New York City, we can spare more families the heartbreak of losing a child to these deadly weapons.”

“Ghost guns help criminals cause enormous harm in our communities,” said New York City Corporation Counsel Sylvia Hinds-Radix. “These settlements are a step in the right direction to enhance public safety in our city.  Our efforts will continue to ensure that ghost gun retailers comply with the law.”

As part of the settlements with Rainier Arms and Rock Slide USA, the sellers agree, among other things, to:

  • Immediately stop selling ghost guns to New York City residents;
  • Implement a technological bar to any such sales in the future, and
  • Provide the city with sales data for all such sales since 2020.

In addition to Rainier Arms and Rock Slide USA, New York City also filed suit against Arm or Ally, based in Kansas City, Missouri; Salvo Technologies, doing business as 80P Builder, based in Largo, Florida; and Indie Guns, based in Orlando, Florida. 

In addition to the city’s lawsuit, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed her own lawsuit in June against 10 defendants — including the five the city sued — for selling tens of thousands of illegal, unfinished frames and receivers to New Yorkers that were then converted into unserialized, untraceable handguns and assault-style weapons.


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