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De Blasio Administration Reaches 10,000 City-Certified M/WBEs

August 13, 2020

NEW YORK––Mayor de Blasio announced today that the City has surpassed 10,000 certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), a 173.4 percent increase since the start of the Administration. This achievement comes on the heels of Executive Order 59, which focused on expanding the pool of contracts subject to the M/WBE program and creating more opportunities for M/WBEs to win procurements. This puts the Administration on track to award 30 percent of all city contracts to M/WBEs by 2021, and continues the city's 10-year target to award $25 billion to certified M/WBEs by 2025. 

“Our Minority and Women-owned businesses make New York City what it is,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Today we celebrate a momentous day in acknowledging all 10,000 that are now city-certified, and all that they’ve contributed to the City they call home.”

“This Administration’s commitment to equity shows in its work,” said Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives Phil Thompson. “We have more than doubled the number of certified M/WBEs as we continue to address racial inequality in many areas of life for New York City residents, including economic development.”

“We are glad to have reached and then exceeded our certification goals and we are also very proud of our NYC M/WBEs,” said Maggie D. Austin, Senior Advisor and Director of the Mayor’s Office of M/WBEs. “Still our efforts go further as EO 59 demonstrates; we continue to implement new tools to increase opportunities and address issues for M/WBEs especially during these challenging times.”

“Since my time at the Mayor’s Office of M/WBEs, I have seen this Administration work diligently to increase access, close the disparity gap, and deliver results for City M/WBEs," said Jonnel Doris, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services. "I am proud that we now have 10,000 City-certified M/WBE firms, surpassing the Mayor's original goal to certify 9,000 businesses. I will continue to work hand in hand with this Administration to implement new initiatives to lower barriers to entry, level the playing field and increase opportunities for M/WBEs to successfully compete in our market."

The Administration is taking aggressive steps to strengthen M/WBEs and ensure the city’s procurement reflects the diversity of New York City businesses:

  • The Administration has more than doubled the certified pool of M/WBEs since 2016 (from 4.5K to 10K).
  • In the first three quarters of Fiscal Year 2020, the city reached a record 29.5% M/WBE utilization, totaling $964 million in prime and sub-contracts.
  • The City is more than halfway to achieving the 10-year OneNYC goal awarding nearly $16 billion of $25 billion in contracts to M/WBEs by 2025; more than $1 billion ahead of schedule.
  • In Fiscal Year 2019 alone, the city awarded $3.8 billion in contracts to M/WBEs through both mayoral and non-mayoral agencies.

Firms interested in earning City certification should visit to complete the application. For application assistance, call 888-SBS-4NYC or dial 311.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new opportunities for the M/WBEs. The city has spent over $400 million fighting COVID with M/WBEs, awarding over 500 emergency contracts.

"By expanding the pool of contracts subject to the M/WBE program, the mayor has helped M/WBEs compete on a playing field where the odds have been historically stacked against them. This Executive Order will help continue to build economic equity across all sectors. I have worked hand-in-hand with the Mayor's Office of M/WBEs on legislation to help establish a better pathway for M/WBEs by further raising the limits on contract procurement and increasing the discretionary spending threshold, allowing the city to fulfill and surpass its goal of awarded contacts for M/WBEs. Through this administration's success, New York City's business landscape will, gradually, account for a better economic representation of the city's makeup," said Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte.

"We have always known that Bronx and New York Minority and Women Business Enterprises were capable and qualified, they just needed an opportunity to be certified. I commend Commissioner Doris, Mayor de Blasio and the city leadership on this milestone of 10,000 MWBEs being certified with New York City, which is definitely notable. We must continue to press ahead for increased access to Capital, Contracts and Counseling to our Black, Indigenous, People of Color and Women Entrepreneurs so we can recover from this economic pandemic to build back a Better Bronx and New York City," said Assemblymember Michael Blake.

"Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) have been integral partners in our city’s growth and development - creating jobs and bolstering our economy. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses had to pivot in order to survive. We are marking a significant milestone of 10,000 City-certified M/WBEs at such a critical moment in our road to recovery. In order to preserve the longevity of these businesses and the livelihoods of thousands within our community, we must expand the accessibility of procurement opportunities to keep pace with growing demand. This recourse will help change our city’s future outlook as a viable place to launch and build a business," said Council Member Farah N. Louis, Co-Chair of the NYC Council Women's Caucus.

“Supporting our City’s M/WBE’s is vital to our recovery. They provide thousands of jobs for New Yorkers and they’ll play a key role in helping stimulate our economy. I’m happy to hear that we have surpassed 10,000 city-certified M/WBE’s. We must continue identifying ways to help immigrants take advantage of M/WBE opportunities as many of these businesses did not receive the same level of support given to other communities,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. “I will continue working with Mayor de Blasio and our local business owners to ensure they are receiving the support and the guidance to a healthy economic recovery.”

"For New York City to fully and fairly recover from Covid-19 as a City we are going to have to implement policies that help the communities most affected by the pandemic, said Council Member Ben Kallos. "One of the best ways to do this is to work with the City's M/WBEs, focusing on providing them with the resources and access they may need during these difficult times in order to thrive. Thank you to Mayor de Blasio and to Commissioner Doris for doing incredibly hard work and being committed to helping M/WBEs achieve all of the City's goals for 2025."

"Our M/WBEs play a vital role in the vibrance of New York City so it is important to understand the challenges these business owners face and help provide the resources that allow them to thrive," said Council Member Adrienne Adams, Co-Chair of the Black Latino and Asian Caucus. "I celebrate this new milestone for our city and acknowledge that we need to continue to work diligently for our M/WBEs to reach their full potential."

"The certification of thousands of MWBEs is great news, especially during this pandemic," said Council Member Barry S. Grodenchik. "Small businesses have been hit incredibly hard in recent months, so their eligibility for city contracts could not come at a better time."

“Working with SBS-PTAC proved to be very educational, informative and helpful. There was always someone there to answer or assist with any questions or problems I might have had,” said Chisom Nnoruga, owner of Sparklean Janitorial Services, COVID-19 emergency contract winner.

“[The] SBS PTAC website has been a useful tool for information,” said  Jose Galarza, owner of Sabor Borinquenos #2, COVID-19 emergency contract winner. “The webinars and workshop offered online have been very informative. They taught me how to bid on contracts and work with the agencies.”

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