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Statement from Mayor Bill de Blasio

December 13, 2014

“Over the past several days, the people of New York have provided an example to the world on how to protest, march and express themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner. However, an incident today on the Brooklyn Bridge, in which a small group of protestors allegedly assaulted some members of the NYPD, marks an ugly and unacceptable departure from the demonstrations thus far. Let us be clear: there is no place whatsoever for violence of any kind, whether against the police or against our fellow citizens, in New York City. The people of New York should be proud for how they have made their voices heard over these past several days, and the men and women of our police force should be commended for the professionalism, dedication and restraint they have displayed throughout these marches. We will not allow a small contingent of agitators to bring disorder and violence to these protests. Those who reject peaceful protest and provoke violence can expect immediate arrest and prosecution. Such acts are beneath the dignity of New York City, they undermine the very values these protests are working to advance, and they simply will not be tolerated.”

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