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Six Months After Launch, Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito Announce Over 400,000 New Yorkers Have IDNYC Cards

July 27, 2015

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Over 30,000 cultural memberships redeemed

City has more than quadrupled the capacity of enrollment sites citywide since launch in January

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito today announced that over 400,000 New Yorkers – or 5.5 percent of eligible city residents – already have an IDNYC card in hand only six months after the program’s inception. IDNYC is now the largest municipal ID program in the country.

“IDNYC is a pocket-sized expression of a hugely powerful message – this is a city for everyone,” said Mayor de Blasio. “The unmatched success of this program in just the first six months is a testament to New York City’s values of inclusivity and equality, and our continued commitment to ensuring all residents feel respected, recognized and welcome to build a life here. I encourage every New Yorker – regardless of gender identity, immigration status or economic status – to make an IDNYC appointment this week at an enrollment center in any of the five boroughs.”

“New York has always been a leader in helping our most vulnerable New Yorkers, especially the undocumented, and supporting newcomers,” said Council Speaker Mark-Viverito. “The numbers clearly show that there is a real need for a citywide ID and this initiative is an example of an innovative way to integrate all New Yorkers into our city. The Council’s program reflects our commitment to ensuring that all New Yorkers feel that they’re a part of this city.”

Additionally, more than 30,000 memberships have been redeemed at museums and other cultural organizations in all five boroughs since the program’s launch. The Cultural Institutions Group – private groups that occupy City-owned property – is offering free memberships for IDNYC card holders for the first year of the program as a way to open the doors to new audiences and in recognition of CIG’s close relationship to the civic fabric of New York. The benefits are comparable to a standard one-year individual or family membership package. The cultural and educational enrichment provided by these groups – which include 33 world-class museums, performing arts centers, libraries, concert halls, botanical gardens, and zoos in all five boroughs – is critical to improving the lives of all New Yorkers.

IDNYC is a vanguard program, inspiring cities across the country and the world to establish municipal IDs. Through the Cities United for Immigration Action coalition, the Administration has convened cities to discuss best practices around municipal ID cards. In key cities across the country – including Newark, Hartford, and Chicago – Mayors Ras Baraka, Pedro Segarra and Rahm Emmanuel are working to implement municipal ID programs. The City of Paris has cited IDNYC as a model for developing its own municipal ID cards.

More than 50,000 IDNYC cardholders have elected to participate in the New York State organ donor program when applying for their IDNYC. The integration of the organ donor program into the IDNYC application expands access for New Yorkers who do not qualify for a state ID and are not eligible to vote, giving them the option of contributing to this life-saving program.

Everyday New Yorkers are integrating their IDNYC cards as their library cards at the New York, Queens, and Brooklyn Public Library systems. Eligible New Yorkers are also using their IDNYC cards to open bank accounts, enter City buildings such as schools, and as recognized identification for interacting with the NYPD for issuance of summons and desk appearance tickets. New York City veterans are able to designate their veteran status on their IDNYC and receive exclusive veteran benefits. All New York City residents ages 14 and above with proof of identity and residency can apply for an ID.

“New Yorkers from all walks of life responded to the launch of IDNYC with extraordinary enthusiasm,” said Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. “At its core, this program signifies equality and access regardless of immigration or economic status. New Yorkers are not only receiving an ID that helps them navigate daily life at schools, banks, and libraries, but they are unlocking the myriad benefits the card offers at cultural institutions, on prescription drugs, and more. What better way to enjoy the city we all share and love. If you haven’t already, go get your IDNYC! Plenty of appointments are available now.”

“As we mark six months as the administering agency for the IDNYC program, HRA is proud to have connected hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to the access, benefits and services that come with an IDNYC card, and we remain committed to continuing to provide the staffing, support and infrastructure to serve applicants and ensure program integrity and applicant privacy,” said Steve Banks, Commissioner of the Human Resources Administration.

“The level of participation in this program for the first six months is quite impressive. The many advantages of this officially-recognized form of identification will clearly benefit those who otherwise might encounter unnecessary hardships in enjoying some of what our city offers. We encourage others to avail themselves of the benefits of this successful program,” said Police Commissioner William Bratton.

“New Yorkers have enthusiastically embraced IDNYC as a valued platform to connect to the services and benefits they need and deserve. The de Blasio administration has risen to meet the unprecedented demand for IDNYC by swiftly quadrupling enrollment capacity and ensuring interested New Yorkers can readily obtain their own IDNYC,” said Mindy Tarlow, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations.

“Since January, thousands of New Yorkers have used their IDNYC to become members of cultural institutions across the city, including me,” said Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl. “Art and culture are central to what make this city great, and we are so happy that residents are responding to this opportunity to forge lasting relationships with these extraordinary institutions.”

“Every day, more and more New Yorkers are placed on the list of people needing vital organ and tissue transplants. There is a critical shortage of organs, and this new, unique initiative will create another avenue for people to consent to be a donor,” said New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “By establishing this partnership with New York City, we are giving those awaiting transplants a better chance of finding a match.”

“We know that having access to banking puts New Yorkers on a path to financial stability by encouraging savings, helping families build assets, and allowing fuller participation in the mainstream financial system,” said Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin. “With over 825,000 New Yorkers lacking this access, the need has never been more crucial. DCA is proud to have partnered with more than a dozen financial institutions serving our city to have the IDNYC accepted as primary identification to open a bank account, and continues to work with our City agency partners and the financial services industry to broaden access to banking.”

“The overwhelming success of the IDNYC program during its first six months points to the civic pride shared by all New Yorkers and the essential role of City government in strengthening the bonds of trust between its leaders and citizens. Further, NYC is the first city in the nation to recognize veterans on its municipal ID card,” said Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs Loree Sutton. “Under Mayor de Blasio’s visionary leadership, the IDNYC program has galvanized individuals, families and neighborhoods in its citywide record-setting campaign, greatly outpacing other programs across the country – and this is just the beginning. I urge all New Yorkers, including our veterans, to come out and make NYC history by applying for their card today.”

“NYC Parks is proud to partner with IDNYC to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to identification. NYC Parks encourages New Yorkers of all ages to engage in physical activity through our free and low-cost programming across the city. Through this partnership, adult IDNYC card holders have the opportunity to access NYC Parks recreation centers and tennis permits at discounted rates which helps promote healthy lifestyles in the city,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver.

“IDNYC creates a more inclusive and equitable city by providing easy and free access to an officially recognized ID. For those on probation, this has already had the real and tangible impact of providing greater access to vital City services and other important opportunities, thereby strengthening community connections and enhancing their overall well-being,” said Probation Commissioner Ana M. Bermudez.

“The New York City Department of Finance Business Centers provide enrollment assistance in all five boroughs. We are pleased to be a part of an important initiative benefitting so many New Yorkers,” said Department of Finance Commissioner Jacques Jiha.

“I am very pleased that over 400,000 New Yorkers have enrolled in the IDNYC program in its first six months,” said Council Member Daniel Dromm, prime sponsor of the IDNYC bill. “The enormous success of this program proves what we knew to be the case when we passed the bill – that New Yorkers, regardless of their background, needed a way to become part of the fabric of our city. I encourage those who have not signed up for the free card to call 311 or visit the IDNYC website to enroll in the program in order to take advantage of the many benefits that are provided to those who receive it.”

“IDNYC has changed the game in New York, and nationally. The success of the program speaks to the real desire of our communities to feel connected to services and amenities, and to our city more generally. Although IDNYC has presented opportunities for residents of all experiences, for some recipients, this ID represents their first validated interaction with government –including our immigrant friends and neighbors. This milestone in the program’s life is important, and offers us more reason to remain committed to the success of what has become a national model. I look forward to 400,000 more ID card holders in the next six months. I applaud the Mayor and his administration for their commitment to this important work,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca, prime sponsor of the IDNYC bill and Chair of the Committee on Immigration.

“In just six short months, IDNYC has already helped hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers fully enjoy all that our city has to offer. As immigration reform continues to stall in Washington, the roaring success of New York is taking the lead, and hopefully cities and states across the country will do likewise. Getting a municipal ID is easy and free and I encourage all New Yorkers to make an appointment today,” said Public Advocate Tish James.

“Through the leadership of Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, IDNYC has quickly become a nationwide model for municipal identification. This program is helping New Yorkers from all backgrounds join together in experiences that define daily life in our city, opening doors that were inaccessible for far too long to far too many of our residents. I strongly encourage every Brooklynite who is 14 years of age or older to make their own IDNYC sign-up appointment at one of the several enrollment centers in our borough,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

“After just six months, IDNYC is closing in on half a million New Yorkers enrolled and is helping to provide reliable, secure identification for New Yorkers of all backgrounds,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. “It’s thrilling to know that this program’s success is helping inspire similar programs in cities around our country and the world.”

“I commend Mayor de Blasio for his leadership and congratulate him on the phenomenal success of the IDNYC program,” said Congressman Jerrold Nadler. “Over 400,000 New Yorkers have signed up since the inception of the program only six months ago. In working to make it easier for eligible immigrants to become citizens, New York City is serving as a model for the rest of the country in treating immigrants with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

“In just six months, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have already been able to sign up for and experience the benefits of having an IDNYC card. With a single card, users have access to a wide variety of City services and benefits, and those who didn’t previously qualify for a state ID now have access to an official ID and a sense of dignity. IDNYC helps make our city safer and run more efficiently. I am glad to see New Yorkers taking advantage and clearly seeing the benefits of participating in this innovative program,” said Congressman José E. Serrano.

“IDNYC is creating greater opportunity for New York residents and I am pleased to see the program flourishing,” said Congresswoman Nydia M. Velázquez. “We must continue taking steps to ensure New York remains a welcoming, inclusive city that supports diversity.”

“I applaud the success of IDNYC, a success that can be easily measured in the number of New Yorkers that enrolled in this innovative program. I encourage all New Yorkers to get their ID and take advantage of all the benefits it comes with,” said State Senator Jose Peralta. “This program has also benefited our undocumented immigrants as this ID allows them to open bank accounts, get a library card or sign a lease. This ID unites all New Yorkers under one banner.”

“The successful implementation of IDNYC takes our city one step closer to ensuring all New Yorkers have access to the tools they need to succeed,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “I thank Mayor de Blasio for working to expand the program to ensure every New Yorker has the opportunity to secure an IDNYC and benefit from the resources attached to it.”

“I applaud Mayor Bill de Blasio and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito for the tremendous success of the revolutionary IDNYC program. IDNYC has allowed 400,000 New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, greater functionality in obtaining essential services. Over the years I have fought for the protection of our immigrant community, including advocating for a municipal ID for immigrants in New York City. I am proud to see the municipal ID become such a success and New York City continue to lead the way, providing a successful blueprint for the rest of the country to follow," said State Senator Jose M. Serrano. 

“I’m proud to stand with our Mayor and Speaker for taking the right steps in empowering all immigrant communities. We’ve hosted a number of events in my district to promote the municipal ID card program and they were a great success. As the Chair of the Task Force on New Americans in the state legislature, I will continue to work closely with our great leaders in the city to support our growing immigrant groups,” said Assembly Member Ron Kim.

“I am glad that so many New Yorkers have chosen to take advantage of the IDNYC program and the substantial benefits its provides. I hope that many more will join them in the near future,” said Assembly Member Guillermo Linares

“Only six months after the launch of IDNYC, it is already woven into the fabric of life in New York City,” said Assembly Member Francisco Moya. “As a lawmaker who has dedicated his career to helping immigrants live better lives here in New York, I commend Mayor Bill de Blasio for implementing this important program. After only six months, IDNYC is already making a difference in the lives of countless New Yorkers. IDNYC is helping undocumented New Yorkers step out of the shadows and live fully and productively in the place they call home.”

“IDNYC has been a remarkable success. In East Harlem, residents have used it to open up bank accounts and to apply for benefits. The ID has provided an important opportunity for undocumented and New York City residents to gain access to a variety of municipal services and cultural institutions,” said Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez.

“The IDNYC program has been off to an incredible start since it began six months ago,” said Assembly Member Luis Sepulveda. “A broad range of New Yorkers now have legitimate forms of identification that they previously did not have access to. Many now have the ability to open a bank account as well as access programs offered by the City that they previously may not have been able to. This is an important step in ensuring that New Yorkers have access to legitimate forms of identification and I look forward to the continued success of this program in the coming years.”

“IDNYC is continuing to open a world of opportunity to New Yorkers,” said City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, Chair of Committee on Cultural Affairs. “With over 400,000 New Yorkers already signed up, our city has proven IDNYC is a true success. From increasing access to our city’s world-class cultural institutions to offering a wide range of benefits that are improving lives, IDNYC has set an example for cities across our nation bringing hundreds of thousands out of the shadows and into a place where they are empowered to be true citizens of our great city.”

“IDNYC recognizes New Yorkers who lack a government ID, and that has meant the world to some of my constituents, who can now enter their child’s school and open a bank account. It’s also a great way to connect all New Yorkers to some of our city’s best cultural institutions, including the American Museum of Natural History. I encourage Upper West Siders to sign up for an ID, which will be even easier next month thanks to an IDNYC pop-up enrollment center at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger on 86th Street and West End Avenue from August 10 through August 28,” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal.

“Having proof of identity is incredibly important for all New Yorkers, opening doors and ensuring equal rights,” said New York Public Library President Tony Marx. “The Library is proud to be partnering with the City on IDNYC and other key initiatives, and to be the largest provider of IDs since the program started six months ago. New Yorkers already feel welcome in our branches, participating in this and other programs to improve their lives and strengthen their communities.”

“The IDNYC program has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to participate more fully in the life of their city,” said Brooklyn Public Library President and CEO Linda E. Johnson. “We are proud to have helped library patrons from every walk of life access the services and benefits available to cardholders, and we look forward to welcoming many more Brooklynites to Central Library’s IDNYC enrollment center.”

“IDNYC is a strong partnership and helps Queens Library attract new users while we provide a valuable public service. More than 40,000 IDNYC cards were issued from two library locations in the first 6 months and more than 1,000 of those have linked IDNYC to their library accounts. Queens Library is a critical resource for all New Yorkers, including new Americans. Offering IDNYC at Queens Library is an additional benefit,” said Bridget Quinn-Carey, Interim President and CEO of the Queens Public Library.

“The American Museum of Natural History is pleased to welcome a record-setting attendance of 5 million people annually, who visit from all five boroughs, across the United States, and around the world,” said Ellen V. Futter, President of the American Museum of Natural History. “We deeply appreciate the role that the municipal ID program plays in helping to make the museum even more broadly accessible and effective in our efforts to enhance the public understanding of science and the world and people around us.”

“The IDNYC program is an extraordinary example of Mayor de Blasio's compromise with all the residents of New York, including the immigrant communities who are an essential part of the city’s economic and social development. The Mexican government applauds this initiative as well as the efforts to enhance the integration of every single New Yorker,” said Ambassador Sandra Fuentes, Consul General of Mexico in New York.

“Our bank and the de Blasio administration share a deep commitment to expanding access to banking services and to creating economic opportunity across New York,” said Keith Mestrich, Amalgamated Bank President and CEO. “We are proud to have been the first bank in New York City to accept IDNYC and we look forward to working with the Mayor on initiatives that build on our long history of progressive banking.”

“The Cultural Institutions Group has been proud to partner with this administration in providing free cultural memberships to New York City residents through the IDNYC program,” said Thelma Golden, Chair of the Cultural Institutions Group and Director and Chief Curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem. “We are thrilled that each of our 33 member organizations, which span all five boroughs and provide an incredibly broad range of cultural services, have been given the unique opportunity to further their missions and offer meaningful access to diverse, new audiences.”
“The City University of New York believes in the IDNYC program. We partner with them in order to expose our students, parents and community to a unique opportunity. We look forward to keeping this opportunity open to all of our more than half a million students and our community partners. Congratulations on these six months of amazing accomplishments,” said John Moreno-Escobar, CUNY Central Office of Student Affairs - Urban Initiatives.

“A year ago, we could not have imagined that IDNYC would reach so many people in such a short period of time. Thanks to the leadership of Mayor de Blasio and the City Council, the program is not only making daily life easier for tens of thousands of New Yorkers, it has also become a symbol of the welcoming and inclusive spirit that is our city at its best,” said Ana Maria Archila, co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy. “CPD is excited to continue to support IDNYC, along with the new municipal ID campaigns that are now underway in more than a dozen cities across the country.”

“All Pathways to Graduation students must present a photo ID to sit for their high school equivalency exam. Thanks to our partnership with IDNYC, over 700 students have been able to obtain their IDNYC. For many of our students, particularly newcomer immigrant youth, IDNYC provides an opportunity to access their first official identification document. IDNYC has been a tremendous resource for our school community,” said Sarah Cacicio, Coordinator for Immigrant Services at Pathways to Graduation, District 79.

“The benefits of IDNYC have been felt by all New Yorkers, but particularly so by our immigrant communities who for decades have struggled to find a suitable identification to fully integrate into our city. We applaud and are proud to stand with the de Blasio administration and the New York City Council for their vision in developing IDNYC, a vital initiative that is providing the safety, security, and legitimacy of a government identification to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers,” said Jose Calderon, President of the Hispanic Federation

“The success of the IDNYC program demonstrates how vital this card has been for all New Yorkers, including immigrants, who are now safer and have more access with this identity card in hand,” said Steven Choi, Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition. “The NYIC is proud to have worked with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and advocates across the city to ensure that IDNYC benefits are inclusive of the various needs of New Yorkers. We applaud the continuous work of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to ensure that all New Yorkers can obtain this card.”

“Over the past few months many New Yorkers have visited us to apply for their municipal IDs. Some of them have honored us by sharing their stories and dreams with us – some apply for the municipal ID to have access to City services, others want to take advantage of the card's cultural benefits, while yet others just want to join this movement. It is a pleasure for us to host a municipal ID location, and to summarize, I will simply repeat what one applicant told us – ‘Now it is difficult to imagine not having this card,’” said Rafael Monge-Portaro, President of Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union.
“IDNYC is a way of uniting all, while showing gratitude for military service. As a veteran who has served, I am fully aware that all of us do not hold a VA Card or a DoD military retirement ID Card. IDNYC with the veteran designator unites all veterans who live in New York City. The benefits are enormous, the sense of pride is priceless. Thank you Mayor de Blasio for your commitment to our veterans’ community!” said Jennifer Rivera, former CAPT in the U.S. Army Reserves and member of the American Legion, Post 9-11.

“OBT and the Bushwick community are proud to support the IDNYC initiative. The success of the program and the positive impact it has had on our residents and clients cannot be understated. The ability to attain recognized municipal identification goes a long way toward empowering people to participate in everyday life activities, including accessing formal banking and applying for government services that they were previously shut out from,” said Randolph Peers, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow.

“I love hearing about the new places our clients – most of whom are immigrants – have visited in New York City using their municipal IDs. The IDNYC program makes all city residents, regardless of immigration status, income status or neighborhood they live in, feel like true New Yorkers. As a leader of an Arab American organization I am very proud to be a supporter of the IDNYC program,” said Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York. 

“The MinKwon Center has seen an explosive response to IDNYC in our community. We commend the Mayor and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs for creating the IDNYC, which offers everyone living in New York City an additional form of identification and access to great benefits,” said Grace Shim, Executive Director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action. “We will continue to work with the Mayor’s Office to ensure that IDNYC is inclusive and accessible to all New Yorkers.”

“In just six months, we’re seeing real results from IDNYC in the LGBT community, and The Center is proud to serve as a partner in the program,” said Glennda Testone, Executive Director of The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. “It’s life-changing for our transgender community members to carry identification that accurately reflects who they are, for LGBT homeless young people to verify their identity and enter public buildings, and for LGBT immigrants seeking asylum to use IDNYC to come out of the shadows and engage in all that New York City has to offer.”

“For more than 30 years Project Hospitality has struggled to secure the kind of documentation homeless persons need to achieve basic services in NYC: access to food stamps, health care and recognition by social service networks that would lead a person to stable housing. The greatest barrier we have faced is personal identification. The IDNYC has given dignity a pathway out of anonymity for the most marginalized and in-need community in our city. Now, homeless people, some with severe memory disorders and mental illness, who have languished in shelter beds for years, are on the road to stable housing and service access because they have a card which validates their identity. They are somebody to a whole city just as they have been somebody to a group of caring volunteers who loved them as we knew them,” said Rev. Terry Troia, Executive Director of Project Hospitality.

“In six short months the IDNYC has brought New Yorkers together and created a closer knit city. It has opened many doors for all New Yorkers, including immigrants, youth, and LGBTQ people – communities we work with every day at Make the Road New York. We are happy that so many have joined the program and shown how important it is to have an ID. The program will only grow and become more successful in the future, as getting one gets easier, and more and more benefits get added,” said Javier Valdes, co-Executive Director of MRNY.

“Food Bazaar is proud to be part of the very innovative IDNYC program. Thousands of New Yorkers have taken advantage of the discount in our stores. Having the opportunity to offer New Yorkers this discount has been an honor and a privilege for our company,” said Spencer An, President of Food Bazaar Supermarkets.

“EBG is proud to support New Yorkers with access to great entertainment offers and in support of the City’s goal to give every New Yorker a government issued ID card,” said Stephanie Baker, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Entertainment Benefits Group.

“New York City's YMCA is pleased to continue our partnership with the Administration and the City on IDNYC. Hundreds of families in New York City have already taken advantage of the benefits the Y has offered and we are excited to see what the next year holds. This initiative offers the security and sense of community all New Yorkers need and deserve. The Y is committed to New York’s most vulnerable and in turn we hope that all IDNYC recipients take full advantage of the benefits the card affords to build a healthier and stronger city,” said Sharon Greenberger, President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater New York.

“Members of our congregations, communities and families have greatly benefited from the successful start to the IDNYC program. Regardless of status, the new IDNYC is uniting New Yorkers and creating a sense of inclusion and belonging that speaks to the dignity of each human being. We applaud Mayor de Blasio, the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and other City agencies for their willingness to cooperate and engage with organizations from across the social spectrum to assure the successful launch of IDNYC. We look forward to continuing to work as people of faith with the administration to assure that we open up more opportunities for all New Yorkers, especially immigrants, to live with dignity in our city,” said Onleilove Alston, Executive Director of Faith in New York.

“We’re pleased to join the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in marking the 6-month anniversary of IDNYC,” said Dr. Diane Steinman, Director of the NYS Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform.

“IDNYC continues New York’s tradition as a welcoming gateway to the United States,” said Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York. “Its success demonstrates the importance of local steps forward toward the goal of national reform of our immigration laws to ensure that they are fair, compassionate and comprehensive.”

“In opening the door to participation in New York City life for all qualified New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, IDNYC enables our great city to heed the call of our diverse faith traditions to welcome the stranger and treat all human beings with dignity and respect,” said Rev. Luis-Alfredo Cartagena Zayas, co-Chair of the Micah Institute Immigration Committee.
To apply for an IDNYC card, New York City residents can make an appointment online at or by calling 311 to visit one of the City’s 29 enrollment centers.

The de Blasio administration responded to the significant demand for IDNYC with a rapid expansion, quadrupling the enrollment capacity of the program and adding four new pop-up sites citywide at roving locations. IDNYC meets New Yorkers where they live, work, and receive services. As a result, appointment availability across the city has increased, with available appointments as early as this week at sites in every borough.

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