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Mayor Adams, Health Commissioner Dr. Vasan Announces New York City's Plans for COVID-19 Baby Vaccine Rollout

June 17, 2022

City Will Begin Administering Vaccine to Children Aged 6-Months and Older as Early as June 22, Pending Final Guidance From CDC After FDA Grants Emergency Authorization

City-Run Sites Will Offer COVID-19 Vaccine in All Five Boroughs

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan today announced New York City’s plans to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged six-months and older next week, pending additional federal recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expected this weekend. To provide parents the most flexibility possible, DOHMH has also been conducting educational outreach to ready providers. Starting this weekend, DOHMH recommends parents reach out to their children’s pediatricians to see if they will make the COVID-19 vaccine available at their offices. Additionally, beginning on June 21, parents and guardians can also use New York City’s COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to find convenient locations across the five boroughs to vaccinate young children, including 10 city Vaccine Hubs where the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will be available for children aged six-months through, and including, five years of age. These sites are expected to open as early as June 22, depending on final federal approval. The Pfizer vaccine will also be available at non-city sites to children six months and above.

“The next step towards a return to normalcy is around the corner for our youngest New Yorkers,” said Mayor Adams. “I know how long parents and caretakers of our little ones have been waiting for the moment their youngest would have access to a COVID-19 vaccine, and as soon as that moment comes, I want them to know we will be ready. We are looking to make this process as seamless as possible for parents, which is why we’re preparing, through city sites and partnerships with trusted pediatricians, to vaccinate and protect all of our children as soon as this vaccine is ready and shipped. Parents will also have numerous opportunities to ask their questions and should feel comfortable knowing this vaccine is safe and vital to their children’s health.”

“The provision of the COVID-19 vaccine to our youngest New Yorkers marks a historic milestone for New York City and our response efforts,” said Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom. “From the start of the pandemic, we have taken strict measures to protect our youngest New Yorkers from the transmission of COVID-19, and we are thrilled to now be able to deliver the vaccine to children under five. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, and I urge parents and guardians to get their children vaccinated in order to protect their health, and the health of their families and school communities.”

“We’ve been waiting so long for a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine for our babies, and thankfully that time has arrived,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Vasan. “While we still await formal federal guidance, we want parents to know that the vaccine is here, it is safe, and it protects against COVID-19 and its most severe complications. As the city’s doctor, and as a father of a three-year-old, I have confidence in this vaccine, and I can’t wait to get my child vaccinated. I encourage parents to call their child’s pediatrician today or call 877-VAX-4NYC to make an appointment at one of our city sites next week. We’re ready for shots for tots!”

This morning, the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorization of the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages six-months and older. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is expected to meet this weekend and if CDC recommends vaccination, then young children will be able to begin getting vaccinated as early as next week.

New York City clinics that have been serving children five years and older will transition to serving younger children once the vaccination campaign for babies begins. The locations and hours are below.

Vaccine Hubs

Days of Operation

Clinic Appointment Hours




Times Square 


10 AM – 5 PM 

NYC Health Dept. – Uptown Clinic (in East Harlem) 


9 AM– 5 PM 


Queens Mall


9 AM – 6 PM 

NYC Health Dept. – Corona Clinic 


9 AM – 5 PM

NYC Vaccine Hub – Long Island City


10 AM – 7 PM


NYC Health Dept. – Morrisania Clinic 


9 AM – 5 PM 

Staten Island

NYC Vaccine Hub – Empire Outlets 


10 AM – 5 PM 


NYC Vaccine Hub – The Jefferson 


10 AM – 7 PM 

NYC Vaccine Hub – The Livonia 


10 AM – 7 PM 

NYC Vaccine Hub – Brooklyn Children's Museum


9 AM – 5:30 PM 

City-run vaccination hubs will serve children between the ages of six months up to and including five-years old. Parents can also use New York City’s COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to find a convenient location to get their child vaccinated or reach out to their personal providers to make an appointment. If parents plan to get their children under five-years old vaccinated at a pharmacy, they should check the Vaccine Finder website before they go.

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