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Mayor Announces New Updates For IDNYC, Further Expanding Access For New Yorkers

August 3, 2018

Now, New Yorkers age 10 through 13 can get their very own IDNYC; New tech upgrades streamline enrollment

NEW YORK—Mayor de Blasio today announced updates to the rules governing the City’s official municipal identification card, IDNYC, that make the program more accessible than ever before. Now even more youth can enroll in the program as the age of eligibility is reduced from 14 years of age to 10 years of age. In addition, thanks to new technological upgrades, IDNYC can now help city residents who receive services from select City agencies more easily apply for the card. Over 1.2 million New Yorkers can already unlock opportunity across the five boroughs as IDNYC cardholders, and now even more New Yorkers will be able to enjoy the great benefits the card has to offer.

“The promise of IDNYC is that it’s a card that connects all New Yorkers – to City agencies, to cultural institutions, and to one another,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “It shows that no matter where you’re from, if you live in the five boroughs, you’re a New Yorker. Now even more of the city’s youth can take advantage of the card and its many benefits.”

“Since the inception of the IDNYC program, over 1 million New Yorkers have become cardholders,” said Council Speaker Corey Johnson. “I’m thrilled that more of our younger New Yorkers—age 10 and up—can now enjoy the benefits, services and programs of being a cardholder. The success of this program, spearheaded in 2014 by the Council in collaboration with the Administration, reaffirms that this is a city for all New Yorkers. With the new tech upgrades, it’ll be even easier to apply for the program, without compromising security. I’m proud to live and work/serve in a city that is inclusive to all New Yorkers from all walks of life and I thank the Administration and Commissioner Mostofi for working to make this a program that more New Yorkers can enjoy.”

IDNYC is already a great tool for families to explore the city, and now even more family members will be able to enjoy its myriad cultural, entertainment, fitness, and other benefits. New Yorkers age 10 and up can get their own IDNYC today, enabling hundreds of thousands more New Yorkers to obtain their IDNYC. In addition, the IDNYC program now accepts residency documents for students living in college and university housing here in the city. As New Yorkers return to school, more middle school and college students will be able to get their IDNYC and take advantage of free 1-year memberships at museums, zoos, and theatres, as well as discounts on movie tickets, entertainment options, and much more.

IDNYC’s innovations have helped cities across the country and around the world develop their own municipal identification programs, and the latest technological updates will aid New Yorkers applying for their IDNYC. To apply for IDNYC, New York City residents must provide documents proving identity and residency – a full list of documents are available on IDNYC’s website. IDNYC is now able to utilize existing records from several City agencies in order to verify residency and identity information for some applicants who otherwise may not have sufficient documentation to apply. This new capability will help simplify IDNYC applications for New Yorkers who are clients of the Department of Homeless Services, the Human Resources Administration, the Department of Finance, and the New York City Housing Authority – specifically, applicants who:

  • currently receive Cash Assistance;
  • reside in NYCHA housing;
  • are the primary recipient of a Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption;
  • currently receive services from the Department of Homeless Services; or
  • were born within the five boroughs of New York City.


Applicants will still be required to present an accepted photo ID. The City is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all IDNYC cardholders and applicants. New Yorkers applying for their IDNYC are advised to bring all of the necessary documentation to prove identity and residency. This new tech update will help more New Yorkers become proud IDNYC cardholders and continues the program’s progress as an ID card for the 21st century.

For more information on eligibility criteria, benefits, enrollment centers across the five boroughs and more, applicants can visit or call 311. Information on the final rule change that enabled the IDNYC program to complete these updates is available here.

“Our kids are our future, and now even more of them can have an IDNYC,” said J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. “By bringing the youth in and upgrading our back-end tech, IDNYC is better than ever and I encourage all New Yorkers to apply.”

“IDNYC’s accessibility has been key to its success from the very start, and these updates continue our forward momentum,” said Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. “More New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, will be able to demonstrate eligibility for their IDNYC card, opening doors throughout the five boroughs. We look forward to continuing to work across NYC’s communities and with our sister agencies so that more New Yorkers can proudly carry their own IDNYC.”

“IDNYC is the most successful municipal ID program in the nation and now even more New Yorkers will be eligible to get the card and all the benefits that come with it,” said Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks. “We are proud to help make it easier for families and individuals to get the convenience and security of an official ID card that also provides access to services and to some of the most important cultural institutions in New York City.”

“With access to IDNYC at a younger age, the City is empowering more young people to engage in educational and culturally enriching opportunities across New York,” said Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza. “Free memberships to places like museums and theaters can be transformative experiences for students and their families, and I’m thrilled the City is expanding this critical program.”

“IDNYC is a safe, reliable form of identification which offers opportunities for all New Yorkers, particularly for low-income and vulnerable populations, like those who rely on NYCHA for housing,” said NYCHA Interim Chair and CEO Stanley Brezenoff. “Expanding IDNYC to more New Yorkers is a great way to introduce our younger residents to New York City’s premier cultural institutions.” 

“IDNYC helps families save on visiting the movies or going on a trip to a museum,” said Jacques Jiha, Finance Commissioner. We’re glad to support the program’s latest upgrades that help more New Yorkers sign up for the card, including SCRIE recipients.”

“Now many of our youngest New Yorkers have access to IDNYC, New York City’s premiere identification card,” said NYC Council Finance Chair Daniel Dromm. “As prime sponsor of the legislation that created the ID, I am pleased that children as young as 10 years of age will benefit from many of the perks the card has to offer.  I thank MOIA and HRA for expanding IDNYC and will continue to work with them to further enhance the program.”

“Every time we expand access to the IDNYC, we are literally giving more power to the people,” said City Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Chair of the Committee on Immigration. “The IDNYC is the largest and most successful municipal identification card program in the nation. It’s success stems not just from the access it provides to critical city resources, but from the resounding message it send to every New Yorker – you are welcome here, you are part of this City, and we want to give you the tools to shape your own destiny. By lowering the age eligibility of the card and making it easier to apply, the City is telling the next generation that, regardless of your status, we want you to participate in the City’s civic life and to shape it for the betterment of yourself and your communities. I commend the de Blasio administration for recognizing that in these troubling times, the City has an obligation to do everything in its power to encourage civic participation.”

“Our city’s walkability and its incredible transit network make it a place where children can grow up with unparalleled opportunities to be active, independent, and engaged in the world around them,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. “It’s great that we’re offering young people 10 years old and older access to an official ID card and access to the benefits that come with IDNYC.”

"IDNYC is already a great and successful program. I applaud the De Blasio administration for expanding this program to include even more youth and to have them enjoy the benefits that come with having the municipal ID,” said State Senator Jamal Bailey.

“New York City is home to many populations who struggle to get picture ID. Young people, students who don’t drive, immigrant populations are particularly impacted communities who are part of the rich tapestry that makes New York what it is,” said State Senator Roxanne Persaud. “Making it easier for young people and benefit recipients to apply for IDNYC makes our communities better.”

“I’ve been a big supporter of the IDNYC program from Day One, sponsoring sign-up sessions and vigorously promoting it. The City’s move to offer its benefits to even younger youth is a giant leap forward for a program that offers so many benefits and makes so much sense for so many New Yorkers. Congratulations!” said State Senator Luis Sepúlveda.

“IDNYC has been a success for so many New Yorkers,” said Assembly Member Victor Pichardo. “Expanding opportunities and getting more of our young New Yorkers to take advantage of these benefits is a great thing and I commend the Mayor and my colleagues in the NYC Council for their leadership on this issue.”

“Lowering the age threshold for eligibility to obtain IDNYC will give our City’s children more opportunity to experience everything New York has to offer such as free admittance to museums and zoos,” said Assembly Member Robert J. Rodriguez. “Since its implementation in 2015, the IDNYC program has helped thousands of immigrant families and New Yorkers gain access to services they need.”  

“We are glad that the City is making it easier for children, college students and benefit recipients to apply for IDNYC,” said Jo-Ann Yoo, Executive Director of the Asian American Federation. “Under the current federal administration, we must continue to find ways to protect the privacy of New Yorkers who live, work, and go to school here while they seek opportunities to make this city their home.”

“For me, it’s very good because at this age, the only sort of identification is my Taekwondo ID. Knowing that this now is open to people like me, age 10-13 years old - it’s just incredible news,” said Sinai Perez, youth member of Make the Road New York. “I will be able to prove my identity. My family is already part of the IDNYC family, so I know how important this identification is for our communities, particularly for my mom and dad.”

“New York City has historically been, and continues to be, iconic as a welcome landing place for new immigrants, and it is fitting that our great City is leading the way for municipal identification through the IDNYC,” said John Park, Executive Director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action. “The MinKwon Center for Community Action has supported the IDNYC program since its launch, and we applaud the new guidelines making it even more accessible and easy to obtain. New York City is a playground of knowledge, experiences, and resources that is unique to the world, and the IDNYC is like a key to the City that unlocks much of what it has to offer. The IDNYC benefits all New York City residents and we encourage everyone to apply.”

“IDNYC is designed to reduce risk and create opportunity for our New York, regardless of a person's immigration status. We are excited to see this line of accessibility expand to include even more New Yorkers,” said Steven Choi, Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition.

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