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Mayor Welcomes Dockless Bicycles to Staten Island

July 26, 2018

Dockless bike share pilot continues today as two companies, JUMP and Lime, arrive on the North Shore: Companies announce efforts to increase equitable access

STATEN ISLAND— Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City’s dockless bicycle pilot would continue today on Staten Island’s North Shore, as two different companies begin operations this week under a program managed by DOT.  Starting today, riders will be able to use the Lime or JUMP mobile apps to rent bicycles all along the North Shore and down the east shore to South Beach (see map at bottom of release) -- the second area outside Citi Bike’s service area to experience bike share.  DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg was joined for the announcement by Council Member Debi Rose, dockless company executives and community leaders at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.

“With the launch of dockless bikes in the North Shore, we are giving Staten Islanders more transportation options,” said Mayor de Blasio. “This is another way we are pursuing our all-of-the-above transportation strategy and increasing mobility. Now, Staten Islanders and visitors will have another affordable way to explore and get around the North Shore.”

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of JUMP and Lime bikes to Staten Island,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg.  “From Snug Harbor to South Beach, Staten Island’s North Shore offers wonderful destinations for cycling – not to mention great views and delicious food.  We also expect that North Shore residents may find bike share to be a great new option for their commutes – for example, by opening up a new, affordable way to reach the one-and-only Staten Island Ferry.  With a dockless bike, these trips can now be healthier, sustainable and fun.”

For the Staten Island dockless pilot, Lime is operational today with plans for 200 regular pedal bikes; after Saturday, Lime may swap out some pedal bikes for pedal-assist bikes.  JUMP will offer 100 pedal-assist bikes starting this Saturday.  Under a rule adopted last month by DOT, pedal-assist dockless bikes can be operational after Saturday, July 28 – the date when the rule clarifying these bikes’ legal status goes fully into effect.  Lime’s regular bikes are priced for rental at $1 per 30-minute ride.  For pedal assist, JUMP’s bikes are priced at $2 for a 30-minute ride while Lime’s pedal-assist bikes will cost $1 to unlock and then $.15/minute thereafter.

To use dockless bike share on Staten Island, riders should download the JUMP Bikes or Lime app on a mobile phone (JUMP bikes are also available to rent via the Uber app): a how-to video is available from Lime here.  All rides must remain within the pilot area.  When done riding, riders should closely follow instructions for locking bikes — being sure to leave them in locations that are safe and accessible to future riders.  The bikes should be parked at a bike rack or on the sidewalk -- in line with other street furniture.  Bikes should never be left in the street nor should they be parked on the South Beach Boardwalk, blocking sidewalks, intersections, doorways, ramps, or driveways. 

Staten Island’s North Shore is the second of four New York City pilot areas hosting dockless bike share.  Two weeks ago, the Rockaways became the first community to host dockless bikes, with the companies Lime and Pace providing coverage.  Later this month, the bike share pilot will expand as bikes arrive in the area around Fordham University in the Bronx, with bikes provided by JUMP and later, Citi Bike.  Later this year, Coney Island in Brooklyn will also host a pilot with dockless bikes supplied by operators still to be determined (see earlier announcements here and here).

DOT also announced the following specific efforts around bike share on Staten Island:

Increased Access and Outreach: Both companies announced plans to increase access to bike share as part of the pilot.  The companies currently offer pay-as-you-go options with very modest up-front financial commitment.  In addition, the companies offer these programs:

  • “JUMP Boost” – The JUMP Boost Plan, at $5/month, allows participants to purchase 60 minutes of ride time per day every day ($.07/minute after the initial 60 minutes).  JUMP Boost is available to New York City Housing Authority Residents and anyone currently enrolled in one of the following programs: Access NYC Heat and Utility Assistance; or NYC SNAP.  JUMP Bikes has partnered with PayNearMe to provide Boost plan members the chance to add cash to  their accounts by visiting nearby retailers.  For information, email or call 1 (833)-300-6106.
  • “Lime Access” –  Lime Access members receive a significant discount -- 100 rides for $5.   Any rider who can demonstrate participation in any state or federally-run assistance program automatically qualifies.

Staten Island Ferry: DOT announced efforts to coordinate with the two companies to handle increased rush-hour demand for bike share at the Staten Island Ferry terminal.  Similar to the efforts by Citi Bike at transportation hubs in Manhattan, both JUMP and Lime will offer staffing to collect bikes in the morning and provide extra bikes for rental in the afternoon and evening.  All bike riders should use the lower-level boarding area -- and bike share cyclists taking the ferry are strongly encouraged to pick up and leave bikes in the bicycle corral on the lower level. 

During the pilot, DOT will carefully evaluate companies’ compliance with requirements around data accessibility and user privacy. Evaluation criteria will also include the safety, availability and durability of the bikes themselves.   In the evaluation period, DOT will also determine future steps, including the possible implementation of pilots in different or expanded geographic areas.

“I’m pleased to see the launch of bike share on Staten Island by responsible operators,” said Staten Island Borough President Jimmy Oddo. “Staten Islanders now have an affordable, safe, and convenient bike share system along the North Shore. I encourage cyclists on Staten Island to give the new bikes a try.”

“It’s exciting to see how we continue expanding bike share throughout the city and offer more New Yorkers a greener transportation option. It further shows our commitment to make biking an easier choice and reducing emissions. As more bike share programs continue to expand across the city, we should keep in mind our best practices with Citi Bike in maintaining an orderly system.  I am committed to working with Commissioner Trottenberg to make biking safer for New Yorkers,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, chair of the Council Committee on Transportation.

“In many parts of New York City and around the world, bike sharing programs have proven to be an affordable, convenient and sustainable mode of transportation,” said Council Member Debi Rose. “This pilot program brings bike share to the North Shore of Staten Island this summer, giving many commuters an alternative to traveling by car. I encourage my constituents to download the app and hop on a bike — and give your feedback so that we can ensure a permanent bike share program that works for all Staten Islanders.”

"It is no surprise that New York City, the city where JUMP was founded, believes in building a fairer transportation system that will help improve people's lives," said JUMP Bikes founder and CEO Ryan Rzepecki. “Our dockless, pedal-assist bikes will bring an equitable, fun way for Staten Islanders and visitors alike to get around the North Shore - whether it's to work, school, to the Ferry, or to dining and cultural destinations like Snug Harbor.”

“Lime is thrilled to bring its dock-free bikes and e-bikes to Staten Island,” said Toby Sun, Lime CEO and Co-Founder. “It is Lime’s goal to ensure all those who need affordable, reliable transportation — regardless of income or area code — can improve their quality of life and save money by using one of our mobility options. We are committed to working with the local community, Commissioner Trottenberg and Mayor de Blasio to ensure their vision of a more equitable transportation system for all."

"The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness is thrilled that bike sharing programs have finally come to our borough,” said Adrienne Abbate, Executive Director, Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness. “Partners from the Child Wellness Initiative have long been advocating for low-cost bike share programs as they are a promising public health strategy for reducing the burden of chronic illness, improving air quality and encouraging recreation and active transportation. I applaud Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Trottenberg for expanding the dockless and affordable JUMP and Lime bike programs because they will allow all community members to access bikes to explore the beauty of Staten Island's North Shore.”

“We're thrilled to see bike share launch on Staten Island,” said Aileen Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.   “Thank you to local and City elected officials, the NYC DOT, and the Mayor's Office for making this a reality. It’s a fantastic opportunity for residents and visitors alike to become more connected to everything the North Shore has to offer. We encourage each and every one of you to hop on a Lime Bike or a JUMP Bike and enjoy the history, art, farm, and gardens at Snug Harbor.”

DOT’s dockless bike share pilot is a result of a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) issued last December seeking ideas around next-generation “dockless” public bike share systems. Twelve different dockless companies had initially responded to the RFEI.  The City will continue to support and strengthen Citi Bike, including through increased coverage announced last month by DOT in preparation for next year’s L train disruption.  While Citi Bike will introduce new dockless bicycles as part of the Bronx pilot, all of the new dockless systems operate entirely outside of the Citi Bike area in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

For more information on New York City’s bike share system and to give feedback on the dockless pilot, please see

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