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Mayor de Blasio and Fire Commissioner Nigro Announce $30 Million Investment in Bronx FDNY EMS Operations

May 22, 2017

Investments include new EMS Station facility and continuation of rapid-response Fly Cars; Recent investments in FDNY EMS Operations have reduced response times by 36 seconds

BRONX, NY—Mayor Bill de Blasio and Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro today announced an investment of $30 million in FDNY EMS operations in the Bronx, including a $17 million capital investment for construction of a new facility for EMS Station 17, currently located at 1080 Ogden Ave and serving the Highbridge section of the Bronx and surrounding communities. 

“Saving precious seconds can mean saving lives, and that's why we're proud of FDNY EMS for bringing down response times by 36 seconds in the Bronx last year,” said Mayor de Blasio. “We're investing $30 million in Bronx EMS, including $17 million to build a new Station 17 as well as funding for ambulances and more Fly Cars – and those resources are going to continue to make a difference for the borough.”

“The previous investments made towards FDNY’s EMS operations in the Bronx have already contributed to a 36-second borough-wide reduction in response times to critical medical calls,” said Fire Commissioner Nigro. “This additional funding will continue our successful Fly Car and Tactical Response Group Programs that help us reduce response times, and allow for construction of a new station so that our EMS personnel in the Bronx are even more prepared to serve their community.” 

$6 million will be allocated to Bronx EMS operations for the continuation of the Department’s Fly Car Program. Since the program began last June – FDNY has seen a reduction in response times of 36 seconds for the most serious medical calls in the Bronx. Funding will also support the continued use of the FDNY’s Tactical Response Group, which allows the Department to quickly position ambulances in neighborhoods experiencing spikes in call volume; as well as the development of a new Hospital Liaison initiative which will station FDNY Officers and EMTs at two Bronx hospitals (Jacobi Medical Center and Lincoln Medical Center) to assist with the intake of patients to the emergency room. The Hospital Liaison initiative is designed to quickly put ambulances back in service to respond to additional calls and further reduce response times. 

$7 million will also be provided to fund ten ambulances, ambulance equipment, and 21 vehicles for the Fly Cars and Tactical Response Group.

The City will invest $17 million for construction of the new facility for EMS Station 17, whose current facility is antiquated for the modern needs of the Department. Originally constructed to house an Engine Company in 1898, the station’s apparatus floor is experiencing heavy deterioration and the building lacks the space needed for EMS personnel to park, restock and maintain ambulances. EMS Station 17 currently operates 18 Basic Life Support ambulance tours (staffed by EMTs) and Advance Life Support ambulance tours (staffed by Paramedics) daily, as well as a conditions vehicle operated by FDNY EMS Officers.

FDNY EMS responded to more calls in 2016, with improved response times:

EMS responses fall into one of two broad categories – Segment 1-3 which include life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrest, unconscious and choking calls, and Segment 4-8 incidents which are triaged as non-life-threatening incidents.

  • FDNY EMS responded to a new record high number of medical emergencies in 2016 - 1,440,268 – up slightly from 2015 when they answered 1,435,315 calls, or a 0.3% increase.
  • End-to-end EMS response times were 21 seconds faster on average to Segment 1-3 calls (8:59 in 2016 versus 9:20 in 2015).
  • FDNY EMS responded to 562,382 Segment 1-3 calls in 2016 - down from 566,210 incidents in 2015, a less than 1 percent decline. 
  • EMS responded to 877,886 Segment 4-8 incidents, up from 869,105 in 2015, a 1 percent increase.

Public Advocate Letitia James said, “Every second matters in a medical emergency, which is why we must have the best EMS operations possible. This investment will save lives, ensuring that no New Yorker has to wait for the emergency care and medical transport they so critically need. Thank you to Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Nigro for prioritizing the health and lives of New Yorkers.”

State Senator Jose Serrano said, “Many Thanks to Mayor de Blasio and FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro for this substantial investment in the Bronx FDNY EMS Operations. These investments provide critical care for residents all over the Bronx and will continue to reduce response time in order to save even more lives across the borough.”

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