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Mayor Bloomberg Releases Fiscal Year 2013 Mayor's Management Report

September 20, 2013

Nearly Two-Thirds of Critical Indicators Measured Since Start of Bloomberg Administration Improve or Maintain Performance

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today released the Mayor’s Management Report for Fiscal Year 2013, an analysis of City agencies’ performance from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Despite the impact of Hurricane Sandy, City agencies have maintained their high level of performance from last year, with 50 percent of critical indicators doing as well or better than in Fiscal Year 2012. The City continues to demonstrate short term and long-term progress with 64 percent of the critical indicators measured since the start of the Bloomberg Administration performing as well or better than they did in 2003.

“New York City services have shown constant improvement over the last twelve years despite multiple economic downturns and operational challenges like Hurricane Sandy that have tested our talented and dedicated workforce,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We have worked hard to do more with less, to innovate and improve services wherever possible, and to always put our customers—New York City’s 8.4 million residents and 53 million visitors—first. I want to thank the nearly 300,000 men and women who make our City run for their dedicated efforts to improve the services we provided to New Yorkers.

“For over 35 years the Mayor’s Management Report has been the benchmark for transparency and government accountability and during this administration we have drilled down even deeper to measure more,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway. “With new sections that better explain how the City is performing and how we want to perform in the future, New Yorkers can truly use the MMR to hold government accountable for results.”

“We’ve spent the last year making the Mayor’s Management Report even more accessible and transparent,” said Elizabeth Weinstein, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations. “This year we have included more information about how agencies work together and added more detailed information and context so New Yorkers can better understand how their government is performing and has performed over the past few years.”

This year’s Mayor’s Management Report includes two new sections of Agencies Working Together. The first is focused on the City’s response to Hurricane Sandy with more than ten city agencies and offices working together to help residents and businesses recover and rebuild quickly and resiliently. The second addition is Age Friendly NYC which is a comprehensive approach to addressing how the City is serving its elderly. The Mayor’s Management Report identified citywide indicators include a projection of New Yorkers aged 60+ and missing senior notifications to help measure the success of the initiative.

Each agency chapter in the report lists a new set of services and goals to inform future performance measures, and more comparative data is displayed with a five-year trend column that follows indicators from Fiscal Years 2009 through 2013. The additions are intended to both simplify the information and make it more accessible.

The “How is New York City Doing?” Section of the Fiscal Year 2013 Mayor’s Management report is below. The full report is available at and on