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Reactions To Mayor de Blasio's Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2015

May 8, 2014

NEW YORK—Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio presented New York City’s Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2015, a fiscally responsible plan that reflects the administration’s priorities and moves the city in a new, progressive direction.
This $73.9 billion FY 2015 budget invests in our children, creates economic opportunity for more New Yorkers, dramatically expands affordable housing in New York City, protects the most vulnerable citizens, and makes the city safer. This budget also takes major steps toward addressing New York City’s fiscal health by addressing income inequality, prioritizing infrastructure improvements, and establishing clear and affordable capital commitments.

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Below is a compilation of some of the immediate reactions to the priorities Mayor de Blasio laid out in his Executive Budget.

General Support For Mayor de Blasio’s Executive Budget Priorities

“I welcome Mayor de Blasio’s FY 2015 Budget that focuses on critical issues, such as expanding affordable housing opportunities, as well as making New York City safer by prioritizing infrastructure repairs and providing funds for the construction of a new police precinct in the South Bronx. I believe that investing in what matters most to working families will move our great city in a fiscally responsible and equitable direction,” said Congressman Charles B. Rangel

“Mayor de Blasio’s budget lives up to the progressive vision that we share for New York’s future. From expediting the Superstorm Sandy recovery effort and increasing the availability of affordable housing, to a major expansion of universal pre-K and afterschool programing, this is a budget that works for all New Yorkers – not only our city’s most well off,” said Congressman Jerrold Nadler. “Today’s announcement is just the latest example of how Mayor de Blasio’s leadership is building a stronger New York that expands economic opportunity and helps protect the most vulnerable.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s budget is another example of his commitment to the progressive values that New Yorkers elected him to fulfill. There is funding for Sandy recovery, affordable housing, pre-K and education, important social services and public safety programs, and much more. I commend the Mayor for releasing a fiscally responsible budget that addresses the needs of all New Yorkers,” said Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney.

“The Mayor’s proposed budget makes targeted investments that spur economic growth, create affordable housing, and empower our children through education related efforts and after-school programs. The budget will also improve the Build It Back program and provide financial relief to Sandy victims who are still struggling to make ends meet. I applaud the Mayor’s vision to create a better New York City for all,” said Congressman Gregory W. Meeks.

“Kudos to Mayor de Blasio for putting forward a broad and responsible plan that invests in the priorities critical to New Yorkers,” said Congresswoman Grace Meng. “Investing in our children,  expanding affordable housing, improving infrastructure and taking steps to further strengthen New York’s  economy are critical to the future prosperity of our city.  In particular, I am pleased that the Mayor has prioritized measures for which I have been proud to advocate and champion such as universal Pre-K, preparing students for STEM careers, fixing NYCHA, and easing-up on unnecessary fines to small businesses. I look forward to working with the Mayor and his administration to ensure that his budget is a success.”

Investing in Our Children

“We’re excited the day has come when Mayor de Blasio is able to deliver on his vision to expand middle school and summer learning to give tens of thousands more kids opportunities to thrive. New York City is leading the nation in building partnerships between schools and great nonprofit organizations to support families and strengthen communities,” said Lucy N. Friedman, President, TASC (The After-School Corporation)

“With this proposed budget, Mayor de Blasio has made good on his promise to put an end to the budget dance and expand universal pre-K and middle school after-school programs. This budget will provide tremendous educational and economic opportunities for NYC’s children and families and our entire city will reap the benefits of these investments for many years to come,” said Michelle Yanche, Assistant Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services

Creates Economic Opportunity

“We welcome the $8 million dollar allocation in the city budget to the municipal IDs initiative. Mayor de Blasio continues to show his commitment to New Yorkers by keeping his campaign promises. All New York City residents, regardless of immigration status, deserve a government-issued ID that gives them access to municipal buildings, bank accounts, and more. Every New Yorker is going to want one of these cards,” said Linda Sarsour, Executive Director at the Arab American Association of New York

“The Mayor’s $8 million investment in the municipal ID program reflects a strong commitment to ensure that an identification card is available to all New Yorkers by the end of the year. As an undocumented worker, this ID will be a big benefit to me and thousands of immigrants, youth, LGBTQ people and other New Yorkers, and I’m excited to continue to work to make it a reality,” said Juan Carlos Gomez, MRNY member from Queens

“We congratulate Mayor de Blasio on his executive budget, which is both fiscally prudent in view of federal uncertainty and unforeseen economic events, and reflects the progressive values of his administration. The Mayor’s determination to make expansion of the paid sick leave law his first legislative priority, so that 1.2 million private sector workers no longer have to choose between caring for a sick child or losing a day’s pay, demonstrates his commitment to lifting up those less fortunate in this great city,” said Donna Dolan, Executive Director of the New York Paid Leave Coalition

“We are very proud that our new Mayor understands how small businesses have been affected in the past. He gets it. We appreciate any help we can give to small business, and this is a step in the right direction,” said Lenny Caro, President and CEO, Bronx Chamber of Commerce

“The proposed budget takes three big steps forward toward a vibrant economy. First, the Mayor was emphatic in pointing out that we need to focus economic resources on sectors that provide good jobs that can support families. Second, that manufacturing is one of those sectors and merits greater support than it has received in the past. Lastly, that ensuring that there is space for job creation is essential and the city should support the work of non-profit organizations like the Brooklyn Army Terminal and Brooklyn Navy Yard to build that space,” said Adam Friedman, Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development

Dramatically Expands Affordable Housing

“The housing plan announcement earlier this week showed that smart, progressive housing policy is a priority of this administration. But the budget announcement today shows that the Mayor is committed to backing up that priority with serious capital commitments,” said Benjamin Dulchin, Executive Director, Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

“For many tenants in New York City neighborhoods, HPD Code Enforcement and the AEP program are the most important protections available to them. I’m happy to see the Mayor’s budget commitment to both as part of the city’s affordable housing preservation efforts,” said Jim Buckley, Executive Director, University Neighborhood Housing Program

Protects the Most Vulnerable

“We are encouraged by the extra earmarking of funds for NYCHA repairs in the executive budget. It’s a good start and much-needed. We look forward to working with the Mayor to make sure these resources reach our communities, and that additional resources are found and allocated in the future to meet the $13 billion projected shortfall in additional public housing capital budget needs by 2015,” said Shirley Jones, Board Member, Community Voices Heard and resident of Amsterdam Houses

“By investing in NYCHA, affordable housing preservation and development, and in addressing the homelessness crisis, Mayor de Blasio is putting his money where his mouth is. It is refreshing to see a mayor truly make affordable housing a priority, which is what this budget does,” said Jonathan Westin, Executive Director, New York Communities for Change

“I am enormously grateful that Mayor de Blasio has delivered on his promise to improve conditions for New York City’s homeless youth. Every year, Mayor Bloomberg proposed cutting homeless youth programs by at least 50 percent. It is remarkable to finally have an administration willing to show responsibility for the city’s most vulnerable youth,” said Carl Siciliano Executive Director, Ali Forney Center

“The executive budget proposal presented today honors the Mayor’s commitment to provide a route to opportunity for the youngest and most vulnerable New Yorkers. From UPK to rent subsidies to arts education, afterschool and summer programs and services for LGBTQ, runaway and homeless youth, this budget proposal provides an unprecedented level of investment, with a double bottom-line impact on the youngest New Yorkers and their families,” said Gail B. Nayowith, Executive Director, SCO Family of Services

“We are pleased and grateful that Mayor de Blasio has presented a budget that invests so meaningfully in children, the most vulnerable, and in economic opportunity for all. Its focus on ensuring critical supports, such as 100 new crisis shelter beds for the city’s homeless young people – LGBT youth in particular – and in dramatically expanding affordable housing sends such a powerful, positive message of hope and opportunity to the all-too-many young people and other vulnerable citizens served each and every day by Covenant House and so many other amazing provider organizations,” said Creighton Drury, Executive Director, Covenant House New York

Makes NYC Safer

“The 6 million dollars in Mayor de Blasio’s first budget represents the moral commitment of a just man and the wise investment of a prudent mayor. When you put this money into the context of a shift in the policing philosophy, which values community engagement and collaboration, and the shift towards viewing gun violence as a public health crisis, it becomes clear that Mayor de Blasio has once again chosen to lead with action above and beyond simple rhetoric. These monies do not represent the extent of the Mayor’s commitment but a down payment. Most importantly, this money will save precious lives!” said Kirsten John Foy, NAN

“It is a pleasure to do business with an administration that values public safety, an administration that seeks to protect the lives and property of the people who live, work and visit New York City,” said Captain Alexander Hagan, president of the UFOA

“What a difference a mayor makes. The de Blasio budget puts our city resources to work, addressing inequality and making New York stronger. By asking not ‘what can we afford?’ but instead ‘what must we afford?’, the Mayor has guaranteed pre-K for every child in our city and has begun remaking our roads so that every pedestrian, cyclist and driver can use them safely,” said George Miranda, President, Teamsters Joint Council 16

“When Make Queens Safer formed just over six months ago, reckless and distracted driving had brought fatalities to a nightmare level. We welcomed the Mayor’s quick response and steady action that has brought Vision Zero to all five boroughs and united communities who have mourned too many preventable deaths. We’ve found incredible partnerships with the DOT, and the NYPD whose increased responsiveness and awareness of the crisis have helped educate and inform a public at risk. Priority street redesign, the effective use of speed and red-light cameras, and a commitment to Neighborhood Slow Zones are just the leadership we need from our city agencies. As community partners, Make Queens Safer is pleased to support and be supported by the Vision Zero agenda that the Mayor, the TLC and city agencies have been implementing. We will work just as hard to inform and educate pedestrians and drivers of all that is available to make streets safer. In a city with a fading middle class, and nearly as many visitors as residents, what we will always have is those we elect and the laws that protect us,” said Cris Furlong, Make Queens Safer

“It’s great to provide funds to stop gun violence. In the form of education, outreach, after-school programs, and engaging young people in a positive way,” said Charlotte Phillips, Brooklyn for Peace

“This is fantastic, we need all the resources we can get to stop this violence in our communities, and having the mayor as a partner is great,” said Tony Herbert, Advocates Without Borders

“Thank you so much, Mayor de Blasio, for keeping your promise to take a firm stand against gun violence in our communities. I am speaking as a father who lost his son to gun violence, I am speaking for all the parents who lost their children and for everyone who lost loved ones to gun violence. I am speaking as an advocate who works diligently on educating our youth on the effects of gun violence and how it’s destroying our families. The funds will help our communities to continue the fight to combat gun violence. Once again, thank you very much,” said Mike Tucker, Lay the Guns Down Foundation

“We are encouraged and gratified for the continued support for this initiative throughout the city.  We are eager to continue to work with both the mayor’s office and the council on the many important initiatives that need to be taken on policy and funding side,” said Allen James, Program Manager, SOS

“We welcome Mayor de Blasio’s announcement of funding for gun violence prevention. New York City has made great strides in reducing the scourge of gun violence but more needs to be done. NYAGV works at the community level to educate New Yorkers, particularly our youth, that guns do not protect them. Our youth programs in schools and communities help young people learn that their power comes not from a gun but from their voices and efforts to make their communities safer places to live,” said Leah Barrett, Executive Director, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

“Families for Safe Streets supports the Mayor’s plans to use speed cameras, slow zones, and street redesigns because they will save lives. In the greatest city in the world, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers should be able to co-exist peacefully, and the Mayor’s plans for traffic enforcement are a great start. Many of the loved ones lost by Families for Safe Streets might still be alive today, and injuries would be less severe, if these changes had been in place before. Traffic crashes are preventable. Not one more person should be killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash on New York City’s streets. No more families should suffer the loss we have to live with,” said Amy & Hsi-Pei Liao, on behalf of Families for Safe Streets

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