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Mayor Adams Promotes Government Accountability With new Reform Actions

April 6, 2022

New, User-Friendly Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report Provides Publicly Accessible Data to Easily Track City Agency Performance

Mayor Adams Signs Executive Order Designating New Chief Efficiency Office and Agency Chief Performance Officers to Improve Operations and Outcomes Across City Government

NEW YORK  New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the launch of a new online report that will allow New Yorkers to access up-to-date metrics on city agency performance. The Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report (DMMR) — a digital version of the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) — will be updated on a regular basis and offer New Yorkers with a user-friendly interface that will allow them to easily search for relevant data and comparative data analysis across several previous years — a major leap forward in New York’s public data offerings. The new tool highlights Mayor Adams’ commitments to promoting public accountability through data and shifting to a real-time governance system, which can help strengthen the equitable delivery of government services.

Mayor Adams also signed Executive Order 13, which formalizes the release of the DMMR. The order additionally creates a new role of chief efficiency officer at City Hall, appointed by the mayor, who is charged with working across city agencies to develop updated metrics to better track agency performance, increase customer satisfaction, identify opportunities to streamline regulations and reduce red tape, and assess the city budget to ensure public funds are being used efficiently and effectively.

“As I often say, if you don’t inspect what you expect, it’s all suspect,” said Mayor Adams. “When it comes to city government, we need to put in place real-time systems to inspect what we expect, tracking how well we’re delivering services to New Yorkers and identifying areas we need to improve. The launch of today’s Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report is a critical step forward in leveraging data to make our government work better for all New Yorkers.”

“This administration is focused on delivering for everyday New Yorkers — and to achieve that, we need to know if agencies are hitting their performance targets,” said First Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo. “Working with Chief Efficiency Officer Melanie La Rocca and our partners in government, we are committed to ensuring agencies are fulfilling their mandates and providing services effectively and expeditiously.”

In addition to formalizing the release of the DMMR and creating the role of chief efficiency officer, the executive order ensures that every city agency will designate a chief performance officer, who will coordinate with the chief efficiency officer and the Mayor’s Office of Operations to develop and use performance metrics and data tools to improve the efficiency and efficacy of agency operations.

The executive order — along with other government efficiency initiatives Mayor Adams has undertaken since taking office — aims to reduce the “time tax,” which refers to the amount of time people spend trying to access government services. The time tax disproportionately affects those in the greatest need, deepening the profound inequalities throughout the city. 

“It speaks volumes about Mayor Adams’ commitment to improving government efficiency that he created a chief efficiency officer,” said City Hall Chief Efficiency Officer Melanie La Rocca. “Everyday New Yorkers should not have to spend hours navigating a bureaucracy to access basic services. We are off to a running start, and I look forward to continuing to work with the mayor and first deputy mayor to drive efficiency improvements across city government.”

“Mayor Adams ran on a platform of giving New Yorkers the tools and information to hold their government accountable,” said Mayor’s Office of Operations Director Daniel Steinberg. “Modernizing and democratizing the Mayor’s Management Report for the digital age marks a crucial step in making the city’s performance data more accessible, timely, and meaningful.”

The MMR is a national model for holding city government accountable through data. It is required to be published twice a year by Section 12 of the New York City Charter. The preliminary MMR, published in January, provided a snapshot of how the city is performing four months into the fiscal year. The full-fiscal MMR looks at the city’s performance across the whole of the previous fiscal year.

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