General Vendor License

New Application Fees: Fees Vary HOW TO APPLY
Application Reviewed Within: 2 Weeks AFTER YOU APPLY
Renewal Fees: $10 or $210 OPERATING & RENEWING
Renewal Cycle: 1 Year OPERATING & RENEWING


Consumer and Worker Protection, Department of City
A General Vendor license is required for anyone that will sell, lease, or offer to sell or lease goods or services in a public space that is not a store.

Please note: The maximum number of General Vendor Licenses that the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) issues to non-veterans is limited by law to 853. DCWP’s waiting list for non-veteran applicants is currently closed. The waiting list will not re-open for further registration until DCWP has run through the current list of non-veteran applicants. Only the following individuals may submit an application for a General Vendor License:
  • an individual with a valid waiting list number issued by DCWP
  • an honorably discharged veteran residing in New York State
  • the surviving spouse or domestic partner of an honorably discharged veteran residing in New York State
A General Vendor license is not required for the following activities:
  • selling newspapers, periodicals, books, pamphlets or other written material
  • selling artwork including paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures
  • selling food. Please note that food vending requires a license from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • selling items at a garage sale on private property
  • selling merchandise from a booth or stand at an authorized Street Fair (e.g., street fair, block party, or festival). Please note that a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit is required to sell merchandise at an authorized Street Fair.

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NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)
Licensing Center
42 Broadway, Lobby
New York,NY10004
For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: General Vendor License

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