You May Be Able To Freeze Your Rent

Here Is What You Need to Know If You Live In A Rent-Regulated Apartment In New York City

The 2016 New York City Rent Guidelines Board’s Action  

For Rent-Stabilized Apartments: on Monday, June 27, 2016 the New York City Rent Guidelines Board voted for a 0% increase for one-year renewal leases and no more than a 2% increase for two-year renewal leases.  If you are a rent-stabilized tenant, you can choose between one-year and two-year renewals.

For the 1.6 million New Yorkers who live in a rent-stabilized apartment, this is what the Rent Guidelines Board vote means for you: 

  • If you renew a lease for a one-year term that begins at any time from 10/1/2016 to 9/30/2017, your rent should not increase.
  • If you renew a lease for a two-year term that begins at any time from 10/1/2016 to 9/30/2017, your rent should not increase more than 2%.  

In some cases, other rent increases may still apply.  To learn more about the Rent Guidelines Board’s decision, or if you believe your landlord is overcharging or harassing you, please call 311 to find out how to get help.

The NYC Rent Freeze Program

The NYC Rent Freeze Program, which includes the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) Program and the Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Program, helps eligible seniors or a people with disabilities stay in affordable housing by freezing their rent. The longer you are in the program, the greater the benefit.  If you enter the program today, continue to renew and meet all eligibility requirements, the current amount you pay for rent today could be the same in 20 years.

If you are at least 62 years or older or a person with a disability and earn $50,000 or less, then you may be eligible for the NYC Rent Freeze Program. To see if you qualify or if you have questions about the application process, please visit Freeze Your Rent to learn more.