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Press Release #15-070

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NYC DOT Begins Roll Out of Pre-Payment at Muni-Meters

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) began this month to upgrade muni-meters citywide to accept pre-payment before meter regulations are in effect. Roll out of the pre-payment began in Brooklyn, and muni-meters in Borough Park, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, East New York, Coney Island, Brooklyn College, Flatbush, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant have been successfully upgraded. Muni-meters in all five boroughs will be upgraded by mid-July.

Motorists will be able to purchase a receipt one hour before meter regulations are in effect and pay for only the time which they park during meter regulation hours. For example, if meter regulations begin at 9:00 AM, the motorist can begin to purchase a receipt at 8:00 AM, but only pay for parking from 9:00 AM onwards (and in accordance with the parking and meter regulations at the location).  Motorists must observe all other parking regulations (e.g. street cleaning rules) that are in effect before meter regulations begin.

This upgrade of the muni-meters follows the enhancement implemented last summer where muni-meters were deactivated when parking rules are not in effect, so that New Yorkers would not needlessly pay the meter.

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