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Press Release #14-081
October 7, 2014
Scott Gastel/Bonny Tsang (212) 839-4850

NYC DOT Unveils “Your Choices Matter,” A New Public Awareness Campaign, as part of Vision Zero

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) added new facets to a public awareness campaign called “Your Choices Matter.” The expanded campaign is aimed at motorists to make them realize that the choices they make behind the wheel matter. The campaign which began with urban panels at 57 subway entrances throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn has now been expanded to include 50 bus shelters and 3 newsstands and will continue to grow to placements in transit stations, billboards, radio, web, and videos through the end of the year. High-quality ad campaigns aimed at reducing reckless driving is one of the 63 Vision Zero policies.

Part of Vision Zero, the citywide initiative that aims to bring traffic fatalities to zero, the “Your Choices Matter” campaign aims to identify and change key behaviors that contribute to pedestrian fatalities, which include speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, and distracted driving. Through attention-grabbing graphic design, the campaign depicts the aftermath of collisions, and brings to light the seriousness of traffic crashes. The images include pedestrian-victims and their belongings with headlines that emphasize the choice that caused the crash. Also included are facts and statistics that resonated well in focus groups, adding validity to the scene being portrayed.  The taglines are calls to action for safer streets: watch for pedestrians, look before turning, slow down, and avoid distractions.

“Since the Vision Zero initiative began in January, I have traveled throughout the city, listening to New Yorkers discuss ways their streets can be improved,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “Vision Zero can only work when all New Yorkers do their part to make the streets safer and realize crashes are preventable. We want to engage with the public with this aggressive outreach and education campaign and I am pleased to launch ‘Your Choices Matter’ as part of our strategy.”

The DOT has already launched two Vision Zero ad campaigns earlier this year, “Reckless Driving Kills” and “Choices,” both of which had a strong radio, bus shelters, billboards, special events, and online presence throughout the spring and summer.

The success of Vision Zero policies comes from their multi-faceted approach. Vision Zero programs combine strong enforcement, better roadway engineering, improved emergency response, and high visibility campaigns to discourage dangerous behavior on roads and streets. DOT will continue to solicit community feedback on their streets, design further street safety enhancements, and partner with NYPD on enforcement issues as part of Vision Zero.

Your Choice matters poster at Flatbush Avenue and Plaza Street West (Grand Army Plaza)
Flatbush Avenue & Plaza Street West (Grand Army Plaza)

Your Choice Matters poster at Church Street and Warren Street
Church Street and Warren Street


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