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Press Release #14-12
January 27, 2014
Scott Gastel/Nicholas Mosquera (DOT), 212-839-4850

City of New York Announces Road Closures, Restrictions and Expected Traffic Impacts Related To Super Bowl Activities

City urges fans to use mass transit. Side streets near Broadway Boulevard festivities will remain open and fans are encouraged to visit local businesses. Taxicabs and for-hire-vehicles will not be permitted to access MetLife stadium and should not carry passengers to the game from New York City

The City of New York today reminded motorists of the full closure of Broadway between West 34th and 47th streets and partial closure of West 41st Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues the entire week from Sunday, January 26th through Sunday, February 2nd for festivities leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. Aside from the partial daily closure of West 41st Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, all side streets in the area will remain open, though increased activity and vehicular delays should be expected.

Fans wishing to partake in the many activities held throughout the week are highly encouraged to use the many mass transit options in the area, including NYC Transit, NJ Transit, PATH, AMTRAK, Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road. Businesses, restaurants and bars will be open throughout the week and fans are encouraged to patronize them. Fans attending the Super Bowl are also strongly urged to use mass transit.

Key closures associated with Super Bowl Boulevard will be in effect between Sunday, January 26th and Saturday, February 1st along Broadway from West 34th – West 47th streets. Pedestrian spaces between West 34th and 35th streets and between West 42nd and 47th streets will be utilized throughout the week for loading and a host of activities. The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 2nd and the corridor will remain closed for breakdown and cleanup. Additional details follow:

  • Broadway, between West 34th – 47th streets, will be closed beginning Sunday, January 26th through Sunday, February 2nd.
  • West 41st Street, between Sixth – Seventh avenues will be closed beginning Wednesday, January 29th through Sunday, February 2nd from 9:00 A.M.– 12:00 A.M. daily.
  • Side streets between West 35th-47th streets, will remain open, but expect increased activity and vehicular delays.

Restricted deliveries associated with closures:

  • Deliveries will restricted from West 34th – 42nd streets, between Sixth – Seventh avenues and West 42nd – 48th streets, between Sixth  – Eighth avenues during the days of operation: Wednesday, Jan 29th through Saturday, Feb 1st between the hours of 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 A.M. (Commercial Vehicles will be restricted during these times).
  • Deliveries will only be allowed from 12:01 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.

Increased activity and impacts are expected in the following areas during Super Bowl Week (Monday, January 27th  – Saturday, February 1st):

  • Bryant Park: (West 39th – 42nd streets, between Fifth – Sixth avenues)
  • Radio City Music Hall: (West 48th – 52nd streets, between Fifth Seven avenues)
  • Piers 88/86:  (West Side Highway/11th Avenue, between West 45th – 48th streets)
  • Pier 40: (West Side Highway/Twelfth Avenue, between Canal – Clarkson streets)
  • Sheraton Hotel: (52nd – 53rd streets, between Sixth – Seventh avenues)

Also, expect traffic impacts and delays due to events in and around Midtown on Saturday, February 1st.  On February 2nd, expect increased activity and limited use on the following avenues and streets:

  • Ninth Avenue, between West 34th – 65th streets
  • Westbound lanes of 42nd Street, river to river
  • 57th Street, river to river
  • 49th Street, river to river
  • 53rd Street, river to river

Please also note there will be limited access and increased activity in and around the Lincoln Tunnel on Game Day. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes, including the Holland Tunnel and the George Washington Bridge.

Restriction on Taxicabs and For-Hire-Vehicles

Please be aware that due to eestricted access at MetLife Stadium, yellow and green taxicabs as well as any for-hire-vehicles will not have access to the stadium and should not attempt to provide passenger service to the game.

Additional closure and parking restriction information can be found in the attached document or on the New York City Department of Transportation website at