Press Releases

Press Release #09-030A

Statements of NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and NYC DOB Commissioner Robert Limandri on The Passage of Bike Access Legislation Today by The New York City Council

Statement of Commissioner Sadik-Khan:

"This indoor bike-access legislation opens the door to improved access and parking for the growing number of bicycle riders in the City.

"Having a secure place to lock or store a bike and the ability to bring a bike into an office building is more than an amenity; a lack of this kind of access can be a deal breaker for would-be bike commuters.

"Each day, cycling is becoming an even bigger part of our transportation network. Commuter biking has increased 35% in the last year alone, and the number of New Yorkers biking to work has more than doubled since 2000.

"Ensuring bike access to many commercial buildings is just another way we're promoting sustainable modes of transportation, a key component of PlaNYC's blueprint for a greener, greater New York City, and this could not have been possible without the efforts of Councilmembers David Yassky, John Liu and Gale Brewer, the cooperation of City Department of Buildings Commissioner Bob LiMandri and by the leadership of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg."

Statement of Commissioner LiMandri

"This legislation will require hundreds of commercial building owners to allow commuters to store their bikes at work, making it easier for people to use this mode of transportation than ever before. I would like to thank all those who dedicated their time to make the passage of this bill possible, including Councilmembers David Yassky, Jon Liu and Gale Brewer as well as City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and the office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg."