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Press Release #06-77

Contact: Kay Sarlin (212) 442-7033
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DOT Installs First On-Street Muni-Meters on Staten Island

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the replacement of single space meters with muni-meters, in Ocean Breeze on the streets surrounding the Staten Island University Hospital. The DOT is in the process of replacing 112 single spaced meters with 12 muni-meters along Seaview and Mason Avenues. On Friday, December 22nd, the new muni-meters will be put into service. New signs and bollards are also being installed in the area, and DOT staff will be on hand to provide coaching on how to use the meters.

Muni-Meters are installed at intervals along the sidewalk and can increase the number of parking spaces along the curbside by as much as 15%, because motorists can use the entire regulated curbside and space is not lost due to the arbitrary spacing associated with single space meters. In this case the number of spaces grew from 112 to 132 spaces. Muni-Meters also provide the benefits of cleaner, more open sidewalks for pedestrians and accurate time keeping and proof of payment for drivers.

Muni-Meters accept quarters, dollar coins and some muni-meters, including those being installed in Ocean Breeze, accept personal credit cards as well as payments made with NYC Parking Cards, which can be purchased in $20, $50 and $100 denominations through the DOT Web site, by mail and at City Store locations. A complete list of commercial and passenger vehicle muni-meter locations is available at the DOT Web site,