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Press Release #05-48

DOT to Install Muni-Meters Along Bell Boulevard in Queens

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced today that it will replace the single space parking meters on Bell Boulevard and the adjacent streets from 35th Avenue to Northern Boulevard, on Northern Boulevard from 210th to 215th Streets and on Bell Boulevard (across Northern Boulevard , proceeding south) to 45th Road, with Muni-Meters. The project will begin next week and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, 2005.

Seventy-two Muni-Meters will be installed at intervals along the sidewalk, replacing roughly 375 traditional single space meters. Muni-Meters can increase the number of parking spaces along the curbside by as much as 15% since motorists can use the entire regulated curbside and space is not lost due to the arbitrary spacing that occurs with single space meters. Additional benefits include: cleaner more open sidewalks, accurate time keeping and proof of payment for drivers.

"Muni-Meters are a great parking innovation," said Commissioner Iris Weinshall. "They increase the number of available parking spaces and will open up the sidewalks along Bell Boulevard."

To date, DOT has installed roughly 1700 Muni-Meters Citywide, while removing an estimated 8,700 traditional parking meters. Muni-Meters accept quarters, dollar coins and payments made with NYC Parking Cards, which can be purchased in $20 and $50 denominations through the DOT web site, by mail and at City Store locations. A complete list of commercial and passenger vehicle Muni-Meter locations is available at the DOT web site. For information, please call 311 or visit the DOT Web site,


Contact: Kay Sarlin/ (212) 442-7033
Chris Gilbride