Pedestrian Improvement Projects

The DOT Pedestrian Unit transforms the city’s streets with projects that improve pedestrian safety, increase accessibility, provide adequate pedestrian space, and enhance the environment. A typical project results in shorter, direct crosswalks; more usable pedestrian space; and safe, comfortable travel paths for pedestrians. Learn about DOT's current projects

Manhattan Bridge
Intervale Intersection
Park Lane South

Pedestrian Project Map

Below is a map of recent projects that enhance the pedestrian network. Public presentations may be downloaded by clicking the name of a project or by selecting a map marker. A search bar is available to help narrow down your selection.

The Bronx
Jackson and Westchester Avenue
Louis Nine Boulevard
Shakespeare Avenue

Project Year
3rd Ave and 143rd St 2018
138th St, Exterior St to 3rd Ave 2018
169th/Freeman/Union 2015
Bivona St and Reeds Mill Ln 2016
Boston Rd - Waring Ave to Thwaites 2018
Boston Road and Allerton Ave 2018
Crames Square 2010
E 170th St and Teller Ave 2021
Eames Pl - Webb Ave to Claflin Ave 2016
East Tremont - Ericson Pl to Bruckner Blvd 2016
East Tremont - Williamsbridge Rd to Ericson Pl 2015
East Tremont at Silver 2014
East Tremont Ave at the Hutchinson River Parkway 2008
East Tremont Phase III - Unionport Road to Beach Ave 2017
Ft. Independence St & Heath Ave 2017
Grand Concourse - 138th St - 161st St 2016
Grand Concourse - 163rd St to 171st St 2017
Grand Concourse at Mosholu 2013
Grand Concourse II - 156th St to 158th St 2018
Grand Concourse SR Bike Lanes - 170th St to 204th St 2009
Heath Ave and Summit Pl 2018
Intervale Ave - Dawson St to Freeman St 2015
Jackson and Westchester 2015
Johnson Ave and Henry Hudson Pkwy 2017
Kappock St - Henry Hudson Ramp to Netherland Ave 2017
Lafayette Ave and Morrison Ave 2018
Longwood Ave 2014
Louis Nine 2012
Macombs Rd 2011
Melrose Ave and Park Ave - 150th St to 170th St 2008
MLK and Hall of Fame Terrace 2017
Mosholu Pkwy and Paul Ave 2018
Mosholu Pkwy and Sedgwick Ave 2020
Randall/Leggett 2010
Reservoir Oval 2013
Seward Ave at Metcalf Ave 2017
Shakespeare Ave - Jerome Ave to Woodycrest Ave 2016
Soundview Ave, Lafayette to Cornell 2018
Southern Blvd 2010
The Hub - Willis Ave, 3rd Ave and 149th St 2008
Tremont/Webster 2013
Unionport Rd - Starling Ave to Westchester Ave 2018
W 235th St at Oxford Ave and Cambridge 2018
W 238th St at Waldo Ave and Irwin Ave 2018
W. Mt. Eden - Macombs Rd to Jerome Ave 2016
Willis Ave - 135th St to 147th St 2008

Bedford Nassau
Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Avenue

Project Year
4th Avenue and Atlantic Ave 2016
Atlantic Avenue 2012
Ave S and E 32nd St 2016
Bartel Prichard 2012
Bay Street - Hicks St to Henry St 2017
Bedford Ave and Nassau Ave 2018
Borinquen Place 2012
Broadway/Jefferson/Saratoga 2015
Broadway - Hewes St to Flushing Ave 2018
Broadway - Kent Ave to Bedford Ave 2008
Bushwick Ave 2014
Campus Rd and Amersfort Pl 2016
Carlton Avenue - Myrtle Ave to Park Ave 2007
Caton Ave 2015
Caton Ave and E 8th St 2016
Columbia Pl and State St 2018
Columbia Street - Halleck St to 9th St 2009
Conduit Blvd - Liberty Ave to Sutter Ave 2017
Conklin Ave and E 96th St 2018
Dahill Rd - 17th Ave to 42nd St 2017
Driggs Ave at Union Ave 2018
E 98th St and Hegeman Ave 2016
Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn Ave and Kingston Ave 2016
Eastern Parkway - Franklin Ave and Bedford Ave 2018
Flatbush Ave and Atlantic Ave 2018
Flatbush Ave and Church Ave 2009
Flatbush and U 2011
Flatbush and Avenue U 2018
Flatbush: Kings Plaza 2015
Foster Ave and E 105th St 2017
Front Street 2011
Fulton and Bedford 2016
Gold St - Nassau St to Sands St 2015
Gold St - York St to Sands St 2016
Grand Army Plaza 2011
Grand Army Plaza at Flatbush Ave 2007
Grand Army Plaza Update 2018
Guider Ave and Coney Island Ave 2016
Jay St and Prospect 2017
Lafayette Avenue - Underhill Ave to White Plains Rd 2008
Manhattan Bridge - Concord St to Canal St 2016
Maspeth Ave 2015
Meeker - Union Ave to Metropolitan Ave 2016
Meeker and Metropolitan Phase II 2018
Meeker Ave at Union and Jackson 2018
Metropolitan Ave at Bushwick Ave 2009
Myrtle/Flatbush 2014
Newkirk Ave - Rugby Rd to E 18th St 2016
North Flatbush 2012
Ocean Parkway NB SR at Avenue K 2017
Old Fulton 2012
Park Ave - Navy St to Grand St 2017
Park Avenue - Flushing Ave and Navy St 2018
Park Circle - Prospect Park 2009
Park Circle Update 2018
Pearl Street at Anchorage Pl 2007
Ralph Ave and E 98th St 2016
Rockaway - Eastern Parkway to St. Marks 2015
Schermerhorn St - Boerum Pl to Flatbush Ave 2009
Surf and Stillwell 2015
Surf Ave and Stillwell Ave 2016
Terrace Pl and 19th St 2017
Union and N. 12th 2011
Vanderbilt Ave - Dean St to Grand Army Plaza 2008
Vanderbilt Ave and E 3rd St 2018
Washington and Atlantic 2015
Washington Ave 2011
Williams St - Newport St to Glenmore Ave 2016
Willoughby Ave and DeKalb Ave 2017
Willoughby Ave - Grand Ave and Emerson Pl 2018
Willoughby Street Plaza at Adams St 2006
York at Washington 2015

East 66th Street
Broadway Isham
8th Avenue

Project Year
3rd Ave and 60th St 2014
3rd Ave and 79th Street 2013
3rd Ave and 86th Street 2013
6th and Houston 2015
7th and Bleecker 2012
7th Ave - 42nd St to 34th St 2018
7th Ave S at Christopher St 2015
8th Ave - 42nd St to 43rd St 2017
8th Ave Split LPI at 38th St 2017
8th St - 6th Ave to Broadway 2015
9th Ave and 14th St 2007
10th Ave and 39th St 2018
12th Avenue at 135th St 2009
14th St and 10th Ave 2018
66th Street - 2nd Ave to 3rd Ave 2016
116th St - Riverside Drive to Broadway 2017
Allen St and Pike Slip - South St to Houston St 2009
Avenue C and 18th Street 2010
Battery Park Underpass 2015
Beaver and Hanover - Beaver St to Wall St 2017
Beekman St and Front St 2018
Bennet Ave at 190th 2015
Bowery/Delancey 2014
Broadway - 35th St to 42nd St 2013
Broadway/96th 2014
Broadway and Isham 2017
Broadway and Sherman - Ellwood St to Broadway 2017
Broadway Blvd - 42nd St to 25th St 2008
Canal - Chrystie St to Forsyth St 2007
Canal and East Broadway 2010
Cherry and Water Streets 2017
Delancey Street 2012
Delancey St N and Pitt St 2014
Division and Bowery 2016
Fearless Girl - Morriss St to Beaver St 2017
Forsythe - Hester St to Houston St 2016
Gansevoort St and 9th Ave 2008
Grand Street - Essex St to FDR Drive 2008
Grand St and FDR 2016
Grants Tomb Phase I Gallery 2015
Grants Tomb Phase II - 116th St to 135th St 2016
Green Light for Midtown - Broadway - 32nd St to 26th St 2009
Green Light for Midtown - Broadway - 57th St to 47th St 2009
Green Light for Midtown - Columbus Circle 2009
Green Light for Midtown - Herald Square 2009
Green Light for Midtown - Times Square 2009
Hanover Square - Pearl St to Water St 2016
Harlem River Park Gateway 2011
Hogan Pl 2015
Holland Tunnel Area 2012
Houston and Crosby 2015
Lenox Ave - 145th St to 147th St 2016
Lexington at Grand Central Terminal 2015
Lincoln Center 2016
Little 6th Ave - Spring St to Broom St 2016
Madison Square and 5th Avey 2008
Manhattan Bridge - Concord St to Canal St 2016
Marcus Garvey 2013
Midtown Arcade 2012
Midtown Split LPI Phase I 2017
Morningside Ave 2014
Morningside Ave and 124th St Rubber Island 2016
Nagle and 10th 2012
Park Ave, 96-111 Gallery 2014
Park Ave - PHASE II - 96th St to 111th St 2015
Park Avenue - 103rd St, 107th-111th St 2015
Park Ave and 110th St 2017
Riverside, 72-79 2014
Riverside Dr. and 95th St 2017
Sherman Ave 2015
South End Ave 2014
St. Nicholas Place - W 151st St to Harlem River Dr 2015
St. Nick and 116th (part of ACP) 2013
St. Nick and Amsterdam 2010
Stuyvesant Park Area 2017
Union Square 2010
Upper Riverside Drive - W 93rd St to W 94th St 2016
W 37th St, 9th Ave and 10th Ave 2018
W. 70th and West End Ave Gallery 2013
W 70th St and Freedom Pl 2017
Wall St at Front St 2017
Washington St - Bank St to Morton St 2016
Washington St - Carlisle St to Albany St 2013
Water Street 2013
Water Street/Coenties Gallery 2013
Water Street/Gouvernuer Gallery 2013
Water/Whitehall 2010
Waverly and Christopher 2018
Whitehall Street 2012

153rd and 88th
102nd and Nicolls
Thomson and Van Dam

Project Year
5th St - Borden Ave to 46th Ave 2018
32nd Ave and Bowne Park 2017
36th Ave and Vernon Blvd 2011
38th and 39th Aves 2018
43rd Ave/44th Dr - Jackson Ave and 23rd Ave 2015
48th St - Northern Blvd to Broadway 2016
54th Ave and 69th Pl 2017
64th Ave, Oak Grove Park 2017
69th Rd, 70th Ave 2015
77th Ave and 81st St 2016
97th St - Horace Harding Expwy to 62nd Drive 2017
98th St, HH Expy-62nd Dr 2018
102nd St-Nicolls Ave and 47th Ave 2018
138th St and 31st Rd 2016
153rd Ave - 78th St to 84th St 2016
153rd Ave at 88th St 2018
188th St and 73rd Ave 2018
211th St and 23rd Ave 2018
Astoria Blvd - 99th St to Ditmars Blvd 2016
Astoria Blvd/Hoyt/33rd to 31st 2015
Austin St 2018
Beach Channel Dr and Far Rockaway Blvd 2018
BQE and 37th Ave Gallery 2014
Broadway - 41st St to Baxter Ave 2016
Cooper Ave and 73rd Place 2012
Crescent Street - Queens Plaza S to 44th Drive 2017
Crotona Avenue 2010
Douglaston Parkway and 240th St 2014
Francis Lewis Park - Whiteston Expy to 147th St 2016
Grand St, Maspeth Ave, and Flushing Ave 2008
Greenpoint Ave and 48th St 2014
Hillside Ave and Homelawn St 2014
Hillside Avenue at I.S. 238 2008
Hillside/Metropolitan - 131st St to 129th St 2016
Hoyt Ave at the RFK Bridge 2010
Jackson Ave at the Pulaski Bridge 2009
Jewel Ave and 69th Rd 2012
Lefferts Blvd and Grenfell St 2018
Northern Blvd - 39th Ave to 34th St 2017
Northern Blvd and 103rd St 2008
Park Lane South - Metropolitan to Forest Park Drive 2017
Park Lane South - Metropolitan to Myrtle Ave 2018
Queensboro Bridge Outer Road 2014
Shore Front Pkwy and 95th St 2018
Shore Front Pkwy - 108th St to 73rd St 2017
Steinway - 30th Ave to 34th Ave 2018
Vernon Blvd and 30th Ave 2018
Vleigh Place 2012

Staten Island
Hyatt Street
Greeley Avenue
Bay and Victory

Project Year
Bay Street - Victory Blvd to Hannah St 2016
Greeley Ave - Hylan Blvd to Father Capodanno Blvd 2017
Hyatt St 2013
Sunset Ave - Willowbrook to Bradley 2018