CityBench Program

Backed City Bench

NYC DOT manages and maintains 2,100+ CityBenches citywide, and the program is growing every year. CityBenches provide public seating to make NYC’s streets more comfortable for all New Yorkers, especially pedestrians and transit riders. The benches are for the general public and are not restricted to tenants of any particular building or patrons of any particular business.

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Suggest a Location for a CityBench

Backless City Bench

DOT prioritizes neighborhoods and key corridors to achieve high quality, coordinated street furniture layouts to better track and maintain all of the assets on our streets. DOT invites the public to suggest new locations on the DOT Right-of-Way (that is, on public sidewalks, not private property) as we continue to expand our network.

Suggest a Street Furniture Location


In order to support walking and transit, priority bench locations include:

  • Bus stops without shelters
  • Sidewalks near transit facilities (e.g. subway stations)
  • Senior centers
  • Commercial zones and shopping districts
  • Municipal facilities (e.g., public libraries, schools, hospitals)


Report a CityBench Problem

DOT maintains, repairs, and replaces damaged benches. To increase response time, DOT encourages reporting of damaged benches from the public. Property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks around the benches cleans and clear of snow as required by law.

Report a Street Furniture Issue