Congestion Action Plan

Mayor de Blasio Announces Congestion Plan

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced action on a series of initiatives designed to ease congestion in busy thoroughfares across the five boroughs in his October 22nd, 2017 Press Release. The new effort will include both new and proven approaches to traffic congestion, including the creation of new moving lanes in Midtown, clearing curbs during rush hours, expanding NYPD enforcement of block-the-box violations, limiting curbside access in crowded corridors, and bringing coordinated attention to recurring traffic spots on local highways. The Mayor announced the steps along one of the new Clear Lanes corridors in Midtown Manhattan, where vehicle travel times have declined by 23% since 2010.

"With 8.5 million people, New York City is experiencing both record population and economic vitality; but our success has put serious demands on our already crowded street network," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "New Yorkers have been telling me loud and clear about the quality-of-life problems created by traffic where they live and work. With a targeted effort to help clear travel lanes, delivery zones, intersections and highways, these initiatives will address these concerns head-on, using established and new tools that will keep our City moving, from midtown to all of our neighborhoods."

Plan Elements

Block the Box Typical Intersection Markings

Clear Intersections: Expanding Block-the-Box enforcement to reduce gridlock
Locations: 50 key intersections citywide

Clear Curb Regulations: No Standing Monday to Friday

Clear Curbs: Piloting curbside access restrictions to reduce travel lane blockages
Pilot Locations: Midtown (MN), Flatbush Ave (BK), Roosevelt Ave (QN)

No Standing Monday to Friday, 5 Hour Metered Parking, Monday to Friday

Clear Lanes: Keeping traffic moving in Manhattan’s CBD
Locations: 11 key crosstown streets in Midtown

  • DOT will streamline curbside regulations on one side of the street to create a continuous curbside moving lane during weekday peak hours (7 am - 7 pm)
  • Regulations will permit deliveries on the opposite curb and DOT will investigate new loading zones
  • NYPD will hire additional officers to focus on moving and parking violations, double parking, and off-route trucks
  • DOT will expand off-hour delivery program to assist businesses that opt to shift deliveries to less busy times
  • DOT has restored turns along Clear Lane corridors where turns had previously been restricted (complete)
  • DOT will install turn lanes on cross streets where turns have been restored
  • DOT will study restored turn intersections for signal timing changes

Note: Blockfaces with 6 hr paid parking that currently begins at 6 pm will have No Standing end at 6 pm rather than 7 pm

The locations of the Clear Curbs and Clear Lanes treatments are illustrated below

Congestion Plan Locations Map

Clear Zones: Reducing Congestion in Commercial Districts Outside Manhattan
Studies underway in:

  • Downtown Flushing
  • North Shore of Staten Island
  • Hunts Point
  • Downtown Jamaica

Clear Highways: Reducing Congestion on the Arterial Highway System
City to engage state and local elected officials to convene task forces outside the City’s jurisdiction, starting with:

  • Cross Bronx Expressway
  • Staten Island Expressway/Verrazano-Narrows Bridge/Gowanus Expressway

For more information about the plan, please view the following Industry Briefing Presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will the plan be enforced?
    • NYPD will double the Midtown Manhattan Traffic Enforcement Task Force from 40 to 80 and increase uniform headcount by 110 officers for Clear Lanes
    • Additional NYPD staff will be assigned to the pilot Clear Curbs locations to enforce the new restrictions and keep curbs clear
    • NYPD will hire an additional 50 uniformed officers to enforce block-the-box rules

  2. Are there any special enforcement codes for this congestion plan?
    • No. NYPD will be using existing violation codes associated with the NYC Traffic Rules.

  3. How will this plan be evaluated?
    • DOT will monitor effects of these initiatives
    • Clear Curbs in Manhattan, Flatbush Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue will be reported on and reassessed following the six month trial period

  4. How will buildings/businesses on Clear Lane/Curb routes receive deliveries?
    • Clear Lanes: Commercial loading zones will be allowed on one side of street
    • Clear Curbs: Deliveries are allowed to off-street loading docks during all times. Curb Deliveries will be permitted during midday hours (10am - 4pm).

  5. I’m a receiver and interested in shifting my deliveries to the off-peak periods?
    • Businesses are encouraged to shift deliveries to off-hours. DOT will offer technical assistance for transition to less congested periods. For more information, contact the team at