Clergy Parking Permits

NYC offers an annual parking permit for houses of worship.

The Clergy Parking Permit allows for parking while performing official duties in “No Parking” Zones for up to:

  • Five hours adjacent to a house of worship
  • Four hours adjacent to a funeral home or morgue
  • Three hours adjacent to a hospital

One permit is issued to a house of worship with up to three plates on the permit. Permits expire one year after being issued. Permit holders will be contacted with permit renewal information.

Review the Clergy Parking Permit Program’s brochure

If you have questions about your permit or application, email

Apply for a Clergy Parking Permit

To apply for a Clergy Parking Permit, the religious corporation or association on whose behalf the clergyperson officiates must apply with the required accompanying documentation.

To qualify, a clergyperson must work an average of at least 20 hours per week performing official duties.

Apply online with required documents. An approved application with all required documents takes ten business days to process.

Clergy Parking Permit Online Application

Required Documents

Documentation must verify the house of worship’s status as a religious corporation and that its location is used for religious services.

Clergy people whose license plate numbers will appear on the permit must submit documentation via the online application regarding vehicle information and employment status.

  • NYS Certificate of Incorporation or Letter from U.S. Department of Treasury IRS establishing house of worship as tax-exempt
  • House of worship deed or lease
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Driver’s license for clergy people assigned to the permit
  • Vehicle registration or lease documentation
  • Proof of insurance for each vehicle on the lease
  • Income statement
  • Copy of Ordination Certificate
  • Notarized letter stating number of hours worked weekly by clergyperson