NYC DOT owns, operates, and maintains approximately 800 bridges and tunnels throughout New York, including the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridges, 24 movable bridges, and four tunnels. There are no tolls on bridges operated by NYC DOT. Some bridges in New York City are operated by other agencies. Learn more about NYC DOT bridges Learn more about movable bridges in New York City Learn about bridge reconstruction projects

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

On November 5, 2021, the U.S House of Representatives passed the Infrastructure and Jobs Act (IIJA), bipartisan legislation to invest in the nation’s infrastructure, including funding for roads and bridges, rail, transit, ports, airports, the electric grid, water systems, broadband, and other priorities. The legislation will provide $1.2 trillion in total spending over five years, including $550 billion in funding, with roughly half of both the total and the new funding going to US DOT. How the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will benefit New Yorkers and the City’s transportation network (pdf)

Street Construction

NYC DOT is responsible for keeping the city's 6,300 miles of streets in good repair. NYC DOT's street construction projects range from pothole repair to milling and repaving to full reconstruction of the street. Every year NYC DOT lays millions of cubic yards of asphalt and repairs tens of thousands of potholes. Check the weekly resurfacing schedule Learn more about street construction in New York City

Capital Street Projects

NYC DOT capital street projects are major street construction projects, often including full reconstruction of the sewer pipes, the roadbed, and sidewalks. Capital projects require detailed surveys and design, and increased inter-agency coordination and approvals. They are essential to keeping the City’s infrastructure in a state of good repair. Learn about capital street projects Learn more about street construction in New York City


NYC DOT is committed to creating a more resilient city through its projects. The agency’s capital planning and operational preparations address threats from coastal storm surge, and extreme heat. Learn more about NYC DOT resiliency work

Street Work Permits

NYC DOT issues permits for everyone that performs work in New York City streets, including utilities making repairs, contractors replacing roadways and homeowners performing their own sidewalk repairs. Any construction work occurring in the street near a tree may require a permit from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Learn more about Tree Work Permits from NYC Parks Read the Street Works Manual Learn more about NYC DOT permits Check the list of upcoming construction embargoes

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance

NYC DOT's goal is to make the City's sidewalks safe for pedestrians and help prevent injuries caused by defective sidewalks. NYC DOT inspects sidewalks throughout the city to ensure that they are safe. Property owners should know their rights and responsibilities regarding sidewalks and parking lots, including how to repair sidewalks and how to respond to sidewalk violations. Learn more about sidewalk repair and maintenance Learn about NYC pedestrian ramps

NYC DOT's inspectors monitor active construction sites to maintain the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to ensure that contractors and others performing work properly restore roadways and street hardware.

Street Furniture

The Coordinated Street Furniture Franchise has replaced approximately 3,300 existing bus stop shelters and 300 sidewalk newsstands with an entirely new design.

NYC DOT installs attractive and durable benches around the city, particularly at bus stops, retail corridors, and in areas with high concentrations of senior citizens. These benches make streets more comfortable for transit riders and pedestrians, especially for those who are older and disabled. Learn more and request a bench

The City regulates the placement, installation, and maintenance of newsracks on City sidewalks. Newsrack owners must register with NYC DOT and bring all newsracks into compliance with the regulations.

The City takes a strict stand against encroachments on sidewalk space, and ATMs are no exception. It is illegal to place an ATM on the sidewalk in New York City. Learn more about the law

Traffic Signals

NYC DOT’s staff installs and maintains traffic signals at more than 13,250 signalized intersections. Learn more about traffic signals

Street Signs

NYC DOT's staff creates, installs, and maintains nearly one million street signs throughout New York City. Learn more about street signs in New York City

NYC DOT creates, installs and maintains signage on New York City Parkways. Learn more about NYC Parkway signs

NYC DOT’s Sign Shop creates the street signs installed throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Learn more about the Sign Shop

Street Lights

NYC DOT maintains over 315,000 street lights throughout New York City. NYC DOT is a leader in using sustainable street lighting. Learn more about street lights

Street Banner Permits

NYC DOT issues permits for banners that hang from street lights and other property in NYC DOT's jurisdiction. Learn more about applying for street banner permits


NYC DOT's Adopt-A-Highway Program is an opportunity for on-location sponsorship for the businesses, organizations, or individuals that give back to their communities by providing clean and beautiful highways.


The Adopt-A-Greenway program is a tax-deductible opportunity for proud New Yorkers to give back to their community by ensuring clean and beautiful pedestrian and bicycle paths in New York City. Learn more about Adopt-A-Greenway