Bus Stop Permits

The bus industry has grown significantly over the years, becoming an increasingly popular option for people traveling into New York City from other cities or within New York City. While these buses provide a useful, low-cost transportation option for New Yorkers, they can cause disruption to the local traffic network through increased sidewalk and street congestion and heavy usage of the city’s curbside space.

NYC DOT has been authorized by the New York State Legislature and Local Law to implement a Bus Stop Permit system for Intercity, Public Transportation, Shuttle, and Sight-seeing bus operators. This system requires owners or operators to apply for a permit from NYC DOT before they can make on-street stops in the City. The permit approval process includes consultation with local community boards and other agencies such as the MTA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, where appropriate, ensuring the involvement of stakeholders in the process.

Permit holders must follow all requirements on the Bus Stop Permit, in the Bus Stop Permit Rules and all other applicable rules and laws. Permit holders must also ensure to have and maintain all other required governmental authorizations and insurance.

Charter buses, school buses, buses licensed by NYC TLC, MTA buses, and buses operating pursuant to a contract or franchise agreement with New York City do not need permits, but must follow all applicable rules and laws.
Read the City Traffic Rules on Bus Stop Permits Apply for Bus Stop Permit Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations View a List of Approved Bus Stop Permits

Applying for a Permit

Bus owners or operators are required to submit an application for each proposed bus stop location. The application must provide owner or operator information, including, but not limited to:

  • Contact information
  • Federal and State Motor Carrier Identification Numbers for each bus
  • Sight-seeing bus company must provide a Sightseeing Bus License as issued by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)
  • Proposed bus stop location and two alternate locations
  • Schedule of bus service to and from proposed location(s)
  • Proof of Insurance and Registration ID Cards
  • Planned route within, into, and out of New York City
  • Bus layover/storage location when not in operation

The process of obtaining a permit can take up to 150 days for intercity buses and 180 days for other types of buses from the time that all of the required information is provided by an applicant to NYC DOT.

For each permit application, NYC DOT considers criteria such as: traffic and pedestrian flow, public health and safety, the preferences of the applicant, location of planned parking garage or other parking location during periods when the bus is not in operation and includes input from the Community Board and affected agencies.

Bus Stop Permits are issued for a period of up to three years.


Intercity Buses

Application fee will vary based on number of trips or number of buses and the lowest fee will be charged to the permit holder. The fee is $30 per scheduled pick-up or drop-off or $275 per bus. Fee information will be provided once the requested stop is approved.

Fee Calculation:

((Total number of weekly trips x $30) / 12 months) x number of months
((Total number of buses x $275) / 12 months) x number of months

Sight-seeing Buses

Application fee for a new sightseeing bus stop application will be $520, and the application fee for any renewal sightseeing bus stop application will be $155 for each bus stop.


The New York Police Department enforces the Bus Stop Permit rules. The NYPD may issue fines for the following offenses:

  • a bus is stopped without proper identifying markings;
  • a bus is loading/unloading without a permit
  • a bus with a valid permit is stopping or standing in its assigned bus stop but is not actively engaged in the loading/unloading of passengers
  • a bus with a valid permit fails to prominently display a copy of its permit or a list of all Bus Stop Permits and specific bus stop locations as required by the NYC DOT rules.
  • a permit holder alters its Bus Stop Permit

NYC DOT may revoke or suspend a Bus Stop Permit consistent with NYC DOT Rules.

Community Involvement

The local community board will be consulted as part of the application process. The local community board will be notified of permit applications, and will have a 45 day consultation period to offer input. There is no provision for community boards to appeal decisions. Approved bus stop locations will be published online within 30 days of approval.

NYC DOT may relocate a designated bus stop temporarily or permanently based on the criteria provided in the traffic rules. NYC DOT will inform the permit holder and the local community board in advance as stated in rules.

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For more information, you may contact Bus Stop Management by phone at (646) 892-1244, or by e-mail at ICBPSAdmin@dot.nyc.gov.