Bicycle Parking

NYC DOT provides free, short-term bike parking to keep our city moving. Bike racks may be installed on the sidewalk or as a bike corral in the roadway.

Please limit parking time on a rack to seven consecutive days or less to make room for your neighbors.

Bike Parking Map

Find bike parking locations on the Bicycle Racks Map and on NYC Open Data.

Suggest a Bike Parking Location

We invite the public to suggest new bike parking locations on public sidewalks. If demand for bike parking exceeds available space on the sidewalk, community partners may apply for a bike corral.

A woman secures her bicycle on a round bike rack in the sidewalk
Bike Rack
A bike corral in Brooklyn, made up of multiple bike racks in the roadway next to the curb.
Bike Corral

Bike Parking Shelters

NYC has bicycle parking shelters around the City. Each shelter contains stainless steel bike racks for eight bikes.

Bicycle parking shelter with bikes attached to the racks
Bike Parking Shelter

Bikes in Buildings

NYC’s Bikes in Buildings law provides a process for tenants of commercial office buildings with a freight elevator to request bicycle access to their workspaces.

Report a Bike Rack Problem

Property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks around the racks clean and clear of snow as required by law. NYC DOT maintains, repairs, and replaces damaged racks. Report a damaged bike rack via NYC 311.

Report Junk Attached to a Bike Rack

"Junk" refers to objects that fall under three general categories:

  • Derelict bikes
  • Abandoned bikes
  • Items other than bikes

Junk attached to a bike rack should be reported to the proper City agency.

Derelict Bikes

Derelict bikes must meet certain criteria before they can be removed by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Report derelict bikes via NYC 311 for removal.

For a bike to be considered derelict, it must have two or more of the following characteristics:

  • bike appears to be crushed or not otherwise usable
  • bike is missing essential parts, such as handlebars, one or more pedals, rear wheel, or bike chain
  • handlebars, pedals, spokes, frames, or rims are damaged or bent
  • 50% or more of the bike is rusted, including parts like the frame, handlebars, and pedals, as well as the bike chain attaching it to public property
Two derelict or unusable bikes attached to a bike rack.
Derelict Bikes

Abandoned Bikes

The City will deem an usable bike locked to a bike rack for over seven consecutive days as abandoned. Report an abandoned bike to NYC DOT.

NYC DOT will tag bikes that appear abandoned. If a tag remains on a bike for longer than seven days, NYPD and/or NYC DOT have the authority to remove and confiscate that bike. The local NYPD precinct will store the bike for 30 days before moving it to the NYPD Property Clerk. Bike owners will be responsible for retrieving their bikes from the NYPD.

A red bike attached to a bike rack has an orange tag on the handlebars that says the bike appears to be abandoned
Tagged Abandoned Bike

Items Other than Bikes

NYPD is responsible for removing personal property locked to bike racks. Report items other than bikes locked to public property to the local NYPD precinct.