Public Awareness Campaigns

National Work Zone Awareness Week: April 15 to 19, 2024

National Work Zone Awareness Week brings national attention to motorist, pedestrian, cyclist and worker safety and mobility issues in work zones.

At NYC DOT, safety is our top priority, particularly when it comes to our workforce.

Be Patient

Milling and paving may temporarily disrupt your routine for a short period of time, but street improvements will last for years to come.

Be Kind

Our crews are delivering a much-needed public service. Treat us like your neighbor. Harassment and physical violence will not be tolerated. Violators can and will be prosecuted.

Be Safe

Crossing into a work zone area can create unsafe conditions for you and our crews. Asphalt can reach temperatures of over 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Entering a work zone can damage personal property, or roadway, and ultimately delay work.

Poster featuring an N Y C D O T worker at a roadway work zone clearing debris with a shovel. Text reads We’re Working Here! N Y C D O T keeps N Y C moving. Help keep our crews safe.

Speeding Ruins Lives

“Speeding Ruins Lives” is a new multi-platform public awareness campaign led by the NYC DOT that aims to reduce traffic related injuries and fatalities citywide. The campaign uses powerful imagery of pedestrians and cyclists in slow motion to show the impact of a crash paired with a direct call to action for drivers to slow down.

Vision Zero campaign ad shows a blurred image of a person flying in the air after being hit by a car. Overlay text reads “Speeding ruins lives. Slow down.” The N Y C D O T and Vision Zero logos are placed on the bottom right hand corner.