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June 5, 1998

Contact: Geoffrey Ryan (718/595-5371)

The New York City Department Of Environmental Protection and Catskill Fly Fishing Center Present the Living Watershed: An Exhibit Highlighting the Beauty of New York City's Magnificent Water Supply

Commissioner Joel A. Miele Sr., P.E. of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announces the presentation of THE LIVING WATERSHED, an educational and artistic portrayal of the City's watershed region. Paintings and sculptures by DEP watershed inspector Paul Thiesing and photographs by DEP photographer Scott Foster illustrate the magnificent beauty of the source of New York City's water supply. A brief historical overview will serve as an introduction to this visual journey through the City's most valuable natural resource. THE LIVING WATERSHED will be on display at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center from June 13th through August 16th.

"On behalf of Mayor Giuliani and the City of New York," said Commissioner Miele, "I am proud to welcome viewers to this unique exhibit, and I encourage watershed residents and tourists to schedule a stop at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center to see THE LIVING WATERSHED. The splendor of the watershed region's ever-changing landscape," continued Commissioner Miele, "has been interpreted and captured in Mr. Foster's and Mr. Thiesing's work, which will heighten the viewers' consciousness of these delicate resources."

"As a former resident of New York City," said Museum Director Lisa Lyons, "I've enjoyed fine drinking water from the City's water supply system. Living in the Catskills, I have a better understanding of the communities affected when the reservoirs were built. THE LIVING WATERSHED offers a positive perspective on the precious resource in our backyard — a place of breathtaking beauty, incredible engineering, and change. By highlighting its geographic scope and inspiring beauty through historical maps, photographs and art, it is my hope that the exhibition will increase awareness and appreciation of this magnificent resource."

The exhibit's photographs, sculptures and paintings present imagery of panoramic vistas and underwater ecosystems within the City's vast reservoir properties and watershed. Mr. Foster's photographs extol the beauty of watershed landscapes and Mr. Thiesing's intensely detailed cold water fish sculptures and paintings explore the watershed region's underwater life and the ecosystems that support it.

For exhibit information contact:

    Lisa M. Lyons, Catskill Fly Fishing Center, Livingston Manor, New York, (914) 439-4810
    Natalie Millner, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, (718) 595-3510


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