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March 14, 2005

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Deer Hunting On City Water Supply Lands Brings Hunters from a Wide Area

Thousands Traveled to Catskills with DEP Hunting Tags

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Emily Lloyd announced today that deer hunting on DEP lands brought thousands of visitors to the watershed region in 2004, with hunters from as far away as Florida and the Carolinas obtaining DEP hunting tags.

“Recreation on City water supply land contributes to the local economy and helps to bring in tourists from a wide area,” said Commissioner Lloyd. “Most of the 9,767 hunters who received deer hunting tags from the DEP in 2004 listed their residence as outside the watershed. These visitors spent heavily in the region, purchasing gear, filling their gas tanks, eating at restaurants and staying in motels and inns.”

The top areas for DEP hunting tags were Mid-Hudson with 2,985; Westchester 2,068; New York City 1,276; Long Island 1,175; Syracuse 1,027; Albany 520; and New Jersey 321.

Over 200 more tags were issued to hunters in Pennsylvania and Connecticut . Other hunters received DEP tags in Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

“While there is a trend of more private lands being closed to hunters, the City continues to increase the amount of land available and helps make the area more attractive to outsiders,” said Lloyd. “This past season the DEP had 32,000 acres open for hunting in seven counties.”

According to 2001 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service statistics, deer hunters in New York State spend approximately $803 each year just on retail sales.

Only 6,377 tags were issued for the 2003 hunting season, representing an over 50 percent increase for 2004.


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