The City of New York Client Information Privacy Policy

("NYC COVID SAFE App Privacy Policy")


Last Updated on 12/27/22



The NYC COVID SAFE Application ("App") is software owned by the City of New York designed to assist the City and its residents in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose. Using the App is completely voluntary, and it can be downloaded for free on applicable smartphones.


The purpose of the App is to allow you to upload and store digital versions of your photo ID, proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, and your negative COVID-19 PCR test results ("Content") on your mobile device, which you can present as evidence of your vaccination status and a negative COVID-19 PCR test result.


The App is governed by the App's Terms of Use, available at By downloading and using the App on your mobile device, you are agreeing to comply with these Terms of Use.


Your Content: The App collects and stores the Content provided by you. Your Content remains stored on your phone until you delete it. Your Content is not verified against any source, and is not disclosed to any other entities.


Mobile Device Information: The App does collect the following information about your mobile device ("Device Information"): (1) device id and operating system type; (2) IP address; and (3) the date(s) and time(s) you open the App. Your Device Information which may be collected on behalf of the City by a third party contractor, will be shared with the City for the purpose of improving the App and aggregate reporting on App usage. The City will not use any Device Information that could identify or locate a person in any reporting.


Camera and Images: The App requires access to your camera and local image files to store and display your Content. Your Content is not used in any way outside of the App and is not shared with the City or with any third parties. It is always your choice whether to share the images you have stored within the App. The App cannot access your camera without your permission.


Location Tracking: The App does not use location services on your mobile device.


You are responsible for ensuring that you have appropriate security protections on your mobile device. The App contains a password feature that you may wish to activate to protect your Content, in case your device is lost or stolen. Many mobile devices also include an encryption feature that may encrypt Content when not shown on the screen. You are encouraged to configure your device accordingly.


We encourage you to check frequently to see if there are any changes to the Privacy Policy. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted here with an updated revision date. This Privacy Policy can also be accessed directly within the app settings screen.