Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Buildings classified as not-for-profit hospitals, health centers, or HIP centers may be granted an adjustment of the building emissions limits if the building’s owners apply for a percent reduction requirement rather than a cap. Learn more on our Adjustments page.

If the application is received by January 1st, 2025 and approved the building will be required to reduce carbon emissions 15 percent below 2018 levels for 2024-2029, and 30 percent below 2018 levels for 2030-2034.

Note, Local Law 77 of 2023, enacted by the City on June 11, 2023, extended the deadline for the §320.8 and §320.9 Adjustments programs. Applications for §320.8 and §320.9  adjustments may now be submitted to the department until January 1, 2025.