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Reducing the cars on the road, and making the cars that are there electric

New York City is the best city in the country to walk or take public transportation instead of driving, but 83% of emissions from transportation still come from private vehicles. Our transportation goals are to avoid trips we don’t need, shift those trips we do need to lower-carbon modes, and improve existing infrastructure and technology to enable even greater emission reductions.

Program Spotlight: 2 x 20

Nearly 1.6 million New Yorkers ride bicycles. By expanding bike share and creating protected bike lanes, New York City aims to double that by 2020. We’ve expanded our on-street bike network nearly 330 miles since 2012, and we just keep growing.

Program Spotlight: Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs

By 2050, the City aims to have 20% of new vehicle registrations be for electric vehicles. We're partnering with the NYC Department of Transportation to install electric vehicle charging stations throughout New York City. A key part of this initiative is a $10 billion investment to install fast charging stations, which will charge electric vehicles in only thirty minutes, in every borough. The City’s goal is to have 50 fast-charging stations citywide by 2020. Our own municipal fleet has the largest electric vehicle fleet in the US and the largest electric vehicle charging network in New York State.